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This link up has lots in store including some fun articles, a mother’s day gift idea, and a very very good house tour (as you can see from the opener image above). So let’s dig right in, shall we?

The verdict for the Derek Chauvin case was announced early last week and was finally held accountable. Here is a great article on what to do next if you’re looking for resources. Also, our hearts are broken over the completely unnecessary death of Ma’Khia Bryant. So while Derek Chauvin was held accountable, it’s clearer than ever the system that needs to be changed.

We’ve been talking about this home tour all week and once you click on it it’s not hard to see why…Troye Sivan’s Melbourne home is like walking through a well-designed, warm hug. It’s perfectly blends texture with pieces of interest and is soooo easy on the eyes. Amazing work, Troye and Flack Studio.

From Emily: The necklace I bought myself a few years ago is still available (and on sale). I wore it on stories last week, so thought I’d share it here too because it would make a great mother’s day gift if you’re looking

From Mallory: Ya know how girls often love wearing their boyfriend’s clothes?? I’ve taken it to a whole new level because I discovered that I love wearing my boyfriend’s SOCKS even more. And, no not the thick ankle or taller kind of socks, I’m talking men’s no-show socks specifically. Chase has been wearing these vans socks for YEARS and I recently discovered that they are so much better than women’s no-show socks. They’re thick, soft, wonderfully lucious and since they’re men’s socks they’re a little big so they don’t slip off your foot. Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve been buying those horrible thin women’s no-show socks because they ALWAYS end up slipping off your heel while in your shoe and it’s SO annoying (now we fight over these socks). Seriously, everyone go get yourself a pair of these no show socks and experience the luxury.

From Jess: For probably a bunch of reasons, both known and unknown, I’ve been feeling pretty down the past couple of weeks. And while “things” in no way solve your problems, sometimes they can help lift your mood. So lighting these candles (both the Palo Santo Suede and Wild Fig Vetiver) while I work and painting my nails this happy pink colored nail polish (color: SE) have done just that. Walking is also a massive help and I highly recommend it too:)

From Ryann: I was just introduced to Good On You thanks to a commenter on my last post (shout out Suzanne!) and it is an amazing resource to search for ethical and sustainable clothing brands. They do all the research and give each brand a rating so you can be confident in your purchases plus they have tons of articles on the fashion industry as a whole and it’s all so fascinating and informative. I just spent over an hour searching every brand I love and it’s VERY eye-opening but I feel so much more informed because of it. I can’t recommend them enough!

From Caitlin: My eyebrows basically flew up and off my face while reading this piece about American tree brokers who cater to the super wealthy. I, someone who is rarely lost for words (as many of you know), am lost for words. Really wild and quick and surreal read. (Also, this isn’t the point of the story, but look at that book-matched marble behind the Tuscan-imported olive tree!!!)

Also From Caitlin: It only took a FULL YEAR of trying to find a litter box solution that didn’t make me want to claw my eyes out (remember this treasure trove of awesome feedback?), but I FINALLY DID IT. And it’s AMAZING. It’s like freakin’ Apple made a litter box (and I was FaceTiming with Jess when I opened the shipment, so she can confirm that it’s also packaged like Apple made a litter box). Here’s why I love it: the shape is so nice and modern, the optional “shelter” adds height and prevents litter from flying everywhere, the built-in tools are actually stunning, and best of all: PEE DOESN’T STICK TO IT. I was originally drawn to the aesthetics but now that I’ve used it for a month, I can confirm that it’s beautiful AND functional. I know I’m screaming, but cat owners, hear me out: I never have to chip at any cake-y corners anymore!!! It has 13 pages of 5-star reviews from similarly-enthused folks because this thing is ALL THAT and so worth it. Like, truly, it made cat ownership about 80% less frustrating. I LOVE THIS BOX. (Most importantly, my kitty does too! :))

One More From Caitlin: My favorite Madewell bandana is only $4.89 right now!! It’s navy – so it works great as a neckerchief with most outfits – but it’s also astrology-themed, so it’s like a fun little secret. (There are a ton of others available, too, but this one is my favorite.) Highly recommended for anyone looking to spice up their wardrobe without spending on all-new pieces!

Thanks, everyone for reading –– we’ll see you first thing in the morning. Xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Flack Studio | Styling by Joseph Gardner| Photo by Anson Smart | via Architectural Digest

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