Unicorn Horn Bubbles – Outdoor Activity For Kids

Unicorn Horn Bubbles are so easy and fun for an outdoor activity for kids. A mix of colors and some homemade bubble solution will bring you endless fun! 

Now if you have a boy you might even call this Tie Dye Monster Bubbles instead! Whatever you want to call these epic bubbles, you and your kids will have a blast. 

Unicorn Horn Bubbles

If you have an old water bottle, pop bottle or some other plastic bottle save it back. Then grab an old washcloth or sock and create a fun and easy activity. Plus this is so affordable to make. 

You will love how easy it is. And you will enjoy the fun colors that you create. Grab that food coloring and supplies and head outdoors and enjoy. 

What Do I Need For Homemade Bubbles 

Dawn Dish Soap
Water bottle (cut off) 
Washcloth or Old Sock
Rubber Band 
Food Coloring 

How To Make Unicorn Bubbles 

Cut Water Bottle with Scissors
Discard Cap, and put a washcloth over the end of a water bottle. 
Dip in water and soap mixture, dot with food coloring. 
Blow and enjoy. 

Now, this is a ton of fun and you can get creative with designs. When it runs low on bubbles, re-dip add go more. If the color is going away just add more food coloring on. 


Unicorn Horn Bubbles - Outdoor Activity For Kids

1 bubble



Disposable water bottle


Old washcloth or sock

Rubber band

Food coloring

3 TBSP Dawn dishwashing liquid

1 cup water



Cut water bottle in half with scissors. Remove and discard the cap.

Put washcloth over the large end of a water bottle and secure with a rubber band. Cut excess material from a washcloth, if desired.
Mix dish soap and water in a small bowl. Dip washcloth end of the water bottle into the soap mixture.

Add dots of food coloring to the washcloth. Have fun mixing colors and patterns. (Kids may want to wear gloves for this!)
Gently blow to make the bubbles form!

© Heather Schisler

Fun Outdoor Activity

If you are wanting to find an affordable way to entertain your kids on a warm day, try this bubble activity out! My kids had a blast making and blowing the bubbles. 

Just make sure they don’t inhale, or the bubbles will go into their mouth. So if you are allowing younger kids to make sure to help them and watch closely. 


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