Trivia Quiz: "Fireflies" - Owl City

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Dec 03, 2021

A Music Quiz : Do you know the lyrics to Owl City's song, "Fireflies"?

1. Complete these lyrics: "You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the ____ as I fell asleep."
2. Are these lyrics correct? "'Cause they fill the open air and put teardrops everywhere. You'd think me rude but I would just sit and stare."
3. Are these lyrics correct? "I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly."
4. Complete these lyrics: "It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep, 'cause everything is ____ as it seems."
5. Complete these lyrics: "'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand ____ bugs as they tried to teach me how to dance."
6. Are these lyrics correct? "A fox trot above my head, a sock hop beneath my bed, a disco ball is just hanging by a thread."
7. Are these lyrics correct? "Keep my door open just a crack. (Please take me away from here) 'Cause I feel like such an insomniac. (Please take me away from here)"
8. Complete these lyrics: "Why do I tire of counting ____, (Please take me away from here) when I'm far too tired to fall asleep?"
9. Complete these lyrics: "To ten million fireflies I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes. I got ____ eyes as they said farewell."
10. Are these lyrics correct? "But I'll know where several are if my dreams get real bizzare. 'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar."

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