Today we are making this super easy Sock Bunnies Craft.  If you’d like these to be color coordinated,  you can purchase colored socks.  Or you can use mismatched socks from home

What a great way to put those stray socks to use instead of wondering what to do with them!

Items needed for this craft:

Socks – You can either purchase or use mismatched socks from home.

Satin Ribbon   – Or use any kind of ribbon that you have at home.

Scunci Polybands – Plain rubber bands will also work.

Long Grain Rice – About 1 cup per bunny

Needle and black thread or Black Sharpie Marker

Let’s get started!  First stretch your sock over a sturdy glass, then fill the sock with 1 cup of rice.

Take a polyband or rubber band and tie the top closed.

Then take another band and wrap it around near the top to create the body and the head.

Use another band to make the tail for the bunny

Cut any excess sock off at the top.  If you leave a lot of sock at the top, your ears will be floppy.  If you cut it closer to the head, they will stand up.  It’s all up to you!

Cut down the center of the top of the sock. Then cut each ear at an angle to make the curve for the ears.

This next part you can either use some black thread to make two eyes and “x” for the nose or you can use a sharpie marker.

Give your bunny a little bow around the neck and he is ready to go!  Kids love playing with these because the rice inside makes it soft to hold and easy for them to stand this bunny up. 

A big thank you to Feeling Nifty for this great Sock Bunnies Craft.  It was a big success!

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