The 17 Best Subscription Boxes Made for Dudes, From Fine Spirits to Grooming Kits

With coronavirus procedures still in effect around the country, shopping has become a challenge. Not only are many of our favorite stores and restaurants closed, but it’s simply a hassle to shop anywhere. Fortunately, the best subscription boxes for men make this whole pandemic much easier.

Generally speaking, the best subscription service boxes all work the same. On a regular basis (be it once a month, a few times each year or somewhere in between), each company will send you a box full of things you might like. For Trunk Club that means fresh new threads, whereas Un’Kuppd delivers coffee to your door. Regardless of the price or regularity, each is set with the same goal in mind: eliminating the need to pick up new things. This, in turn, gives you just a sliver of free time back to enjoy. And for a nominal fee, we think these cool subscription boxes for men are worth it.

Below, we’ve collected the top subscription boxes for men which have the power to transform your look from top to bottom, and your liquor cabinet from front to back. We’ve tried to cover anything and everything you might need with an extensive list of our favorite monthly subscription boxes for men:

  • Underwear from MeUndies
  • Personal styling from Trunk Club
  • Clothing from Stitch Fix
  • Assorted manly goodies from Bespoke Post
  • Grooming from Birchbox Man
  • Razors from Dollar Shave Club
  • Coffee from Un’Kuppd
  • Accessories from Sprezza Box
  • Shaving gear from Harry’s Shaving
  • Socks from Nice Laundry
  • Meat from ButcherBox
  • Socks from Nice Laundry
  • Wine from Winc
  • Colognes from Scent Box
  • Books from Boxwalla
  • Liquor from Flaviar
  • Smoking gear from Daily High Club
  • Hair thinning products from Hims

Use these as a jumping-off point, get your subscriptions set up, and see just how easy they can be. Though you may not need all of the boxes below, there are plenty that will chip away at the endless list of errands we’ve all somehow accumulated.


1. Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix isn’t just one of the best clothing subscription boxes for men. It’s also one of the best subscription boxes for men, period. This subscription service delivers clothing and accessories that have been handpicked by a certified stylist, and it’s perfect both for men who love shopping and men who hate shopping. However, Stitch Fix also has a great no-commitment system, so you don’t have to be locked into a recurring membership to benefit from their wardrobe-upgrading boxes.

They source their clothing from a wide range of brands, so you can pick up boardshorts from O’Neill, suits from Ralph Lauren and high-end loungewear from Rag & Bone all in one subscription. Stitch Fix is less geared towards style help than Trunk Club, so we recommend it for guys who already know a bit about dressing themselves well.

clothing subscription box men's stitch fix


2. Bespoke Post


Bespoke Post is one of the best monthly subscription boxes for men because, well, it’s just manly and plain entertaining. The monthly box service sends out a wide variety of men’s goodies every month, ranging from grooming products to beach gear to food. It’s certainly one of the most fun monthly subscription boxes for men, as it’s basically like wandering around a premium men’s department store from home. Each box is $45 (with contents valued around $70), and if you’re not happy with any box you can swap it for another or skip that month altogether.

Seriously, this is one great box. If you love an element of surprise when opening a monthly box, this is the service to choose. Check out some of Bespoke Post’s most recent boxes and see what manly surprises are in store.

subscription box for men bespoke post


3. MeUndies Underwear


Who doesn’t like the feeling of a brand new pair of underwear? Some people aspire to wear a new pair every day, and though that’s a little absurd, we see where they’re coming from. MeUndies provides several subscription options starting at just $16 per month for one pair, and have an airtight guarantee, if you don’t like your first pair, you get a full refund within 90 days. From the basic blacks and blues, to grand and wild patterns, pick up a pair for a boring Monday through to a wild Saturday night.

blue boxer briefs meundies


4. Nordstrom Trunk Club


If you are trying to expand your style horizon, but perhaps are unsure where to begin your journey, look no further than style subscription box, Trunk Club. This fashion-forward — but not over-the-top — fashion box will act as a personal stylist that works with your specific taste. To begin, you will fill out a questionnaire, and the team at Trunk Club will send some items you’re sure to love, as well as some designed to push the envelope. Maybe you were unsure about wearing a silk paisley pocket square, but since it just WORKS with the grey blazer they also sent you, now you’re into it.

This attention to personal style and fashion know-how makes Trunk Club one of the best clothing subscription boxes for men. Pricing is based upon what you keep from the box. However, like a lot of clothing subscription services that depend on regular returns, customer service can be a mixed bag.

clothing subscription men's trunk club


5. Best Grooming Box: Birchbox Man


Getting your grooming regime dialed-in with a subscription service will eliminate the need to shop, and it’ll also let you sample a variety of grooming products to find the right one. This means you’ll save time, and look better too. With Birchbox Man, you get an initial sample box, and then a $5 credit toward building your perfect grooming kit. From soaps and cleansers to shave creams and serums, Birchbox wants to help build a fresher you. And when you run out, just click a button for a refill.

men's grooming subscription birchbox


6. Dollar Shave Club


Dollar Shave Club was one of the first big subscription boxes for men, and they’re still killing it. Now they offer a variety of grooming supplies, but shaving remains their bread-and-butter. Although they still go by Dollar Shave Club, the brand’s shave starter kit is actually $5. But we promise your face will be very grateful for those extra $4, as the kit now includes high quality shaving products as well as razor blades. Dollar Shave Club teamed up with Dr. Carver to offer incredible shave products including hydrating shave butter, prep scrub and soothing post shave dew. If you hate cheap disposable razors, this is one of the top shaving subscription boxes for a reason.

shaving subscription dollar shave club


7. Flaviar


In the interest of expanding your palate, why not try some fine spirits as well? We’re big fans of Flaviar, a top-shelf alcohol subscription service, costing either $300 a year or $95 a quarter, that avails you the opportunity to sample the best whiskey, bourbons, scotches… anything your heart desires. Use it as a means to expand your home bar, and sample same with your buddies at night in celebration. On a regular basis they ship you samples of different spirits to try, plus a full sized bottle. From there you can go in and fine tune your presences while expanding your horizons.

whiskey kit subscription flaviar


8. Un’Kuppd


A truly good cup of coffee can start your day properly, while a bad one can leave you feeling worse than you were without it. Enjoy the aroma and the pleasant pick me up of caffeine with Un’Kuppd. This monthly service sends an assortment of poor-over coffee packs to your door. The best part? All you need to do is add hot water. Each pack comes with a filter made to fit an array of mugs. No more crappy K cups or waiting in line at your local coffee shop.

coffee deliver box unkupped

Buy: Un’kuppd Pour-over Coffee - Barista Approved Pour-Over Coffee Subscription: 14 Pack Box $27.00


9. Accessories: Sprezza Box


If you love accessories you can’t find at your generic department store, then this is one of the best men’s subscription boxes for you. “Sprezzatura,” or the Italian sentiment behind a studied choice to break the rules of fashion in your own special way, is the namesake behind Sprezza box. Sprezza Box specializes in accessories, like sunglasses, ties and wallets. They conveniently deliver all these hand selected items in curated boxes, that make great gifts for a graduate, a busy traveler, or someone who just landed a new job and needs an upgrade. Most of these accessory brands are small independent brands you wouldn’t be able to find in a store, so you’re not only getting something unique, you’re also supporting up-and-coming designers and businesses.

men's accessories box sprezza box


10. Harry’s Shaving


While beards are more commonplace now than they have ever been in modern history, some of us either can’t grow a proper one or must keep their face clean shaven for work. Others still are follicularly challenged above the beard, and want to “rock” the Dwayne Johnson clean-shave look! Harry’s provides a monthly subscription for all your shaving needs, of which they have several different options, starting at $15. Plus, Harry’s makes high quality shaving cream you can’t just buy from a store.

shaving kit harry's



11. Nice Laundry Quarlterly Sock Box


We’ve written about Nice Laundry before, when we named them the best sock subscription box. This brand doesn’t overdeliver to the point that you get sick and tired of receiving the box, which can be a problem with some of the best subscription boxes for men. Instead, once a quarter Nice Laundry will deliver six pairs of men’s socks plus a special edition bonus pair. Stock up on these essentials with socks of varying colors and patterns.

nice laundry best sock subscription boxes



12. ButcherBox


ButcherBox is a great way to get high-quality meats for the chest-pounding caveman in you. Heritage Breed Pork, Steaks, Chicken and more are all available through this subscription service. Use this as an excuse to learn several different preparations of each of them, and make an impression next time you have people over for dinner. Starting at $129, you get several pounds of meat — all steaks, all chicken, all salmon, or a mix of your choosing. No more haggling with the guy behind the  butcher’s counter at your local supermarket, quality meats are coming to you.

meat delivery box subscription


13. Winc


Knowing a few things about wine is a skill everyone should partake in, if only for the opportunity to enjoy it just that much more with your meals and with friends. Winc’s pricing starts at $39 per month and goes up from there based upon quantity. To set you up, Winc asks you a handful of questions and then ships you a regular amount of wine based on your palate. And if you’re really looking to level up your dining game, try pairing this subscription with ButcherBox above!

wine subscription box winc


14. Colognes: Scent Box


The best cologne can get very expensive, and finding the right one is tough. Scent Box solves this by sending you a small monthly delivery of cologne, as well as samples to find the perfect scent. The chic spray bottle (which arrives in an equally chic black box) has just enough fragrance to last you a month. (We liked that these bottles were all travel-sized, so they fit in our toiletry kit and carry-on luggage for our trips, letting us take our new scents with us on the go). If you like the cologne sample they sent you, there’s an option (usually with a coupon code) to get the full-size bottle. If you don’t, wait 30 days and you’ll get your next scent in the mail.

This is a great way to try out new fragrances from the convenience of home and to discover new colognes often before anyone else. Some people find that “signature” scent and stick to it forever. Others like to switch it up and keep things (smelling) fresh. Scent Box works for both types of people. In the end, you’ll end up smelling better, and you’ll have a few extra dollars in your pocket too.

cologne sample box men


15. Boxwalla Book Box


Even if you’re a dedicated reader, it can be hard to keep up with the best new books. We’ve written about our favorite science fiction books and the best books for men recently, but with libraries closed, how can you stay on top of the latest fiction? Boxwalla makes it easy by sending you two great new reads every month for just $35. The Book Box is a fair price and contains the right amount of books, which is why Boxwalla was one of our top picks for the best subscription box for men.

best subscription box for men


16. Daily High Club


For those who love to imbibe in a little greenery every now and then, Daily High Club or “DHC” is a great place to add a few extra treats and accessories to your stores. Starting at only $1 a month for some basics (including rolling papers and some accessories), and going up to a $29.99 mega box that includes glassware, basics, and mystery items, this is an easy and convenient way to keep your smoking setup varied and plentiful. Never worry about running out of papers or smoking utensils again!

weed smoking accessories box


17. Thinning Hair: Hims


Hims is one of our favorite subscription brands because they send guys the stuff we really hate shopping for, such as hair loss products. Hims’ complete hair kit comes with a combination of supplements, anti hair loss shampoo, and special medication that will keep your mane looking thick and handsome.

hair thinning products men hims


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