Style Scenario: Enclothed Cognition – Working From Home, Suited Up

Style Scenario: Enclothed Cognition – Working From Home, Suited Up

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Before anyone gets their boxer jocks in a twist, no one is suggesting you do yardwork in a suit. What is being suggested, is that if you’re lucky enough to be “WFH”, dress like circumstances were normal at least once or twice a week. Succumbing to an all-sweatpants-all-the-time life will only get you left in the dust, once this cloud lifts. Seriously. Good luck to those who are sartorially surrendering. They’re gonna need it. Picks below are to lock you into focus for a big presentation or meeting over video. This style scenario is for a suit and tie workplace. We’ll cover business casual & casual workplaces in upcoming posts. 

The Suit: Spier & Mackay Charcoal Gray Suit – $246 w/ SALE25 ($328). Yes, a suit at home. Read the intro. Look, it’s not conventional, but nothing is at present. If you have a big moment in your career on the horizon – a presentation, pitch, interview, or other high stakes event- staying suited will keep you focused. It’s in these scenarios that doing whatever you can to create the right mindset will better position you for success. Enter: the power suit. Super affordable (especially now with the 25% off), high quality, and comfortable for wearing all day.

The Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt Button Down Collar Shirt in White – $31.96 w/ HOP2IT ($40). A button down collar is more than fine here, especially if you opt to go without a tie. E-commerce sales are plentiful, and Charles Tyrwhitt is no exception. What was once a great deal (4 for $199) has become even better. Use code HOP2IT for 20% off.

The Shoes: Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue in Coffee w/ Dainite Sole – $275 ($425). Much like the case for wearing a suit at home, I recommend lacing up your shoes for all the same reasons. Wearing the suit and donning a pair of slippers defeats the purpose of the suit. Make sure your shoes match the attitude you’re working to build in for the day. Very much on sale thanks to their Anniversary Event, the Fifth Avenue’s will do you right both now and when you eventually get back to your office building. Expensive, but they’re built to last and will eventually mold to your foot, creating a truly unique to the wearer fit. Exceptional. Out of your price range? Try these Italian Made cap toes in Dark brown from DSW. They’re currently on mega sale.

The Belt: Banana Republic Italian Leather Belt in Burgundy – $26.77 ($59.50). A gorgeous shade of redddish brown, and at $30, a downright steal.

The Watch:  Orient Kamasu Blue Dial – $250. Watches are just about completely unnecessary at the home office with regards to functionality, but it’s perhaps that exact reason that a nice watch will keep the professionalism, motivation and focus high throughout the day. Orient hits on all the proper, classic dive-watch notes at relatively affordable price with the Kamasu. This might be heresy, but I prefer this model to their long-running Mako line. *GASP*

The Socks: Banana Republic Dot Cluster Sock in Blue – $6 ($14.50). If wearing a suit at home isn’t a call for “fun socks”, then I don’t know what is. Six bones. Yay.

The Tie: The Tie Bar Dotted Tie in Navy “Paisley Riot” Chambray – $20 w/ WFH20 ($25). Depending upon whether or not video conferencing is at play, you may opt to go tieless. That said, wearing a tie is the pièce de résistance of the formal work from home outfit. But since you’re at home, have some fun with it. This thing is a matte linen/silk chambray-like fabric (which is right-on for spring), and the pattern is literally called “Paisley Riot.” Sounds like a hoot, and looks like it’ll perfectly walk the line between dressed up yet not stuffy.

The Pocket Square: Made in Italy Wool Pocket Square in “rust” – $29.99 ($45). Not cheap. Not cheap at all. But it kinda sorta looks really good. Plus, if you pick up a second square in a different color (like navy) and use the code RAINBOW at checkout, your total for TWO squares comes to $35. Shipping is a steep $8 though.

About the Author: Jason P. is a Dappered devotee, having curated the majority of his wardrobe through the site. He is an enthusiast of wool sweaters, chino pants, and affordable automatic watches. In his free time, you can find him at his boxing gym or antiquing with his wife.
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