Soon You’ll Be Able to Run in Stormtrooper Adidas Sneakers

Adidas to Launch Star Wars Stormtrooper Sneakers When most people think of Adidas, athletic sneakers often spring to mind. Collabs with famous NBA players, soccer superstars and other athletes top the list of celebrity ties-in common to the famous black and white brand. Now, it seems that the Force is strong with the sneaker brand’s newest Adidas Nite Jogger “Star Wars Edition” kicks.

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The newest line of sneakers, according to YankeeKicks on Instagram, are monochromatic with a decidedly dark-sided edge. The shoes include gray suede, checkered laces, and a mostly white upper frame, resulting in a design which is equally suited for taking on the rebels as it is for supporting your feet for a late-night food run.

The technical specs are pretty impressive as well. According to Business Insider, the original Nite Jogger is a reimagining of the original 1979 Adidas offering, only enhanced by advancements in sports science in the interim. Boasting reflective accents that not only deflect laser fire (disclaimer: they actually don't) in addition to adding some night-time visibility for safety's sake, the shoe lives up to its name. A full-length Boost insole provides support for professional stormtroopers used to running to and from various blaster battles, and an OrthoLite sock liner provides a luxurious shield between you and the force placed on your feet.
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Fans of quirky — and decidedly nerdy — dialogue won't be disappointed by the pull quotes on the heel stabilizers of the Stormtrooper sneakers. On the left shoe, bold black text reads “Open the blast doors!” and on the right heel, “Set to stun.”

The Adidas logo, the Star Wars logo, and a drawing of a battle-ready soldier of the Empire — blaster in firing position — adorn the tongue of this trainer, making it even harder to resist an impulse buy for sci-fi nerds across the galaxy. Following hot on the heels of a previous R2-D2 Nite Jogger colorway (and a rumored “Millennium Falcon” special edition on the way soon) it seems like the timing is just right for Adidas and Disney to team up.

While the stormtrooper-themed sneakers aren't hitting store shelves just yet, there’s a good chance they’ll be available prior to the opening day for the final movie in this most recent “Star Wars” trilogy. “Rise of the Skywalker” hits theaters just before Christmas, on December 20, just in time to grab a pair for the sneakerheads and “Star Wars” fans in your life. Make sure you sign up for updates if you’ve got your eye on a pair.

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