Socks – Flip It Or Skip It

Socks – Flip It Or Skip It


Episode 36 socks

Episode Summary:

Welcome to Flip It or Skip It, episode 36, with our hosts Danna Crawford and Wayne Jordan.

In today’s episode, Wayne and Danna discuss vintage socks. Wayne gives tips on where to find these items, and Danna goes in-depth on researching, evaluating, and selling for the most profit.

Welcome back kotter socks

What Will Be Learned:

  • How many sock puns can two people make in 23 minutes?
  • Why are socks great items to flip?
  • What kind of socks you can flip and what to look for when you find them
  • How to research socks to find the best brands and opportunities
  • What kind of socks sell for the most money, and what kind of socks to avoid entirely
Vintage 3 pair of wool socks

Episode Review:

  • The duo kicks off the episode by interrupting all the fun Danna is having. They then go into why socks make for a great item to flip.
  • Danna and Wayne walk us through what kind of socks can be flipped and how to judge their quality and identify their brand.
  • Wayne talks about the best spots to find vintage socks. Then, Danna and Wayne discuss the differences between tube socks and crew socks.
  • Danna talks about what to look for when considering socks and gives a great example of a pair she paid twenty-five cents for and sold for $100.
  • Finally, Wayne asks Danna what price to aim for when buying vintage socks, and Danna elaborates on best practices when researching this topic.

Tune In:

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Key Takeaways:

  • 00:58 – Introducing today’s topic: socks
  • 01:22 – Why socks? Because they’re generally overlooked.
  • 02:20 – What are the types of flippable socks?
  • 03:29 – Totally tubular socks and why Wayne swears at them
  • 04:42 – Where to go and how to find vintage socks
  • 07:33 – What to look for when considering a pair of socks
  • 08:51 – Brand new Garfield socks sell for $100. Why?
  • 10:21 – WorthPoint socks it to ya
  • 11:08 – Wayne wants to talk about his pantyhose.
  • 13:18 – How much to pay for socks you plan to flip and what price to sell them for
  • 16:10 – How to research vintage socks, and what sells well
  • 19:00 – Wayne was wrong, Danna was right, socks are cool.
Tube socks


Panty hose


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