Sock Monkey Oracle – A Book By Shannon Grissom

Shannon Grissom’s Sock Monkey Oracle proves sock monkeys aren’t just for kids but for young and old alike! This new deck brings the sock monkey to a whole new medium that will fill you with love, happiness, and guidance.

Shannon Grissom’s colorful Sock Monkey Oracle provides a quick nudge and a hug to bring love and light to your day. This oracle deck will tap into your inner child and fill you with keen, fun-loving guidance to quickly help you on your journey. Each colorful card was created with passion, and every message is infused with love to help you discover your own playful energy.

Each of the 46 cards in the Sock Monkey Oracle is adorned with a silly sock monkey image that will put a smile on your face, and the guidebook offers in-depth card readings along with symbolic frolics to ponder throughout the day and an affirmation to build your inner strength.

No matter what card you choose, Sock Monkey Oracle will leave you with a warm hug, a gentle laugh, and a whole lot of love.