Snowy Day

Well, we woke up to a thin blanket of snow today. This weather is crazy--Saturday we had rain and a thunderstorm and today we had snow. It's supposed to get up to 40 degrees tomorrow, or so they say. Maybe all of today's snow will melt away. The driveway was slick when I came back from lunch so I shoveled it but I probably could have left it to melt.

The Cardinals were back at the platform feeder today. I snapped the male but the female waited until I was doing yoga so I only got to watch her and then a Mourning Dove blundered into the feeder and chased her away.

The Downy Woodpecker male visited the suet cakes this morning too. It positioned itself a little better so I could see a bit of its head. That's better.

I finally got brave and gave into my urge to draw the tree in the yard across the street. I feel like a tree is a hard thing to draw but I took my time and think it turned out okay.

Today I started Lesson H in the 3-D drawing book. The beginning of each lesson is five different styles of the letter. It isn't very exciting but it's satisfying. I'm not very good at the fluffy one but I keep trying.

The Barn Owl sock leg is just about long enough to start the heel. I'm still not sure if I'll do a heel flap, turn, and gusset or to make a Strong heel like I have the last few socks I knitted. I need to knit another inch of leg if I decide to make a Strong heel (which was invented by a lady named Strong, it isn't beefier than other heels).

I was surprised that I felt grateful for the snow we had this morning. It looked very pretty falling and it covered up all of the dirty snow left after Saturday's melting which exposed all of the yuk. New snow makes things pretty again.

Today's toss was a couple teethers I found in the freezer. Nobody needs those around here anymore.

I met a few 8th grade grad classmates for lunch today. We met at a sports bar and I had gyros for lunch. With Tater Tots on the side. I love Tater Tots. I don't know why but I do. Then on the way home I swung by my accountant's office and dropped off the taxes. *dusts hands* There's that done. Now I just wait for the call that they're ready, go sign the forms, and pay for the service. It isn't cheap but it's worth it because of the investment property. Thank heavens for KK, somebody has to understand numbers. I'm a words person.