Slip Into These Socks Before Your Next Run To Avoid Blisters, Sweaty Feet and Fatigue

When it comes to running, sneakers tend to get all the hype. Sinking a lot of money into a pair of running shoes can make or break your commitment to hitting the pavement and going for a jog. But what about socks? Having a great pair of running shoes is important, sure, but dont forget about whats in between your feet and those fancy sneakers.

Much more affordable and just as important as running shoes are running socks. A sock thats been specially designed for the repeated high impact of running often has seams that have been specifically placed so as not to cause painful rubbing. Points of compression help alleviate foot fatigue, and moisture-wicking material helps to pull sweat away from the skin, leaving your feet feeling cool and blister-free.

Shoes are important, but never forget about the middleman. In this case, we mean socks.

Sock Rules