Shopping online is a huge lottery

You can’t be completely sure what kind of merchandise you will receive in the package and whether it will look exactly like the picture posted online.

#1 It’s Not the Most Comfortable Home Spa

mastersaitek/reddit#2 The Slide Is More Fun for Dolls

Brandonfitzy5/imgur#3 In a Golden Mask Not Every Woman Will Look Like a Queen

emilyymads21/reddit#4 Trainers That Are Extremely Hard to Design

temons99/pikabu#5 Why Does the Bride Look so Wrestler?

plutchina/reddit#6 There Was Supposed to Be an XXL Version of the Pool

leftcrow/reddit#7 A Hat That Became a Balaclava

DanielJayPizzle/reddit#8 Florists Also Fail Sometimes

jtaylor950/reddit#9 Peas Make the Majority in This Dish

OptimusSublime/reddit#10 The Perfect Pillow for Your Dog’s Bed

corago513/reddit#11 Not Very Funny Joke by the Manufacturer is Probably Laughing

8A8/reddit#12 Horror Sock

Largouproot42/reddit#13 Someone Cut This Pokémon’s Tongue Short

The_aries_anodite/reddit#14 Is the Cat Too Heavy

lexicakes/reddit#15 A Stained Glass Window That Will Definitely Not Be a Pretty Decoration

andreag95/reddit#16 A Godzilla Transformed into a Clay Monster

Bankargh/reddit#17 At least the Mask Color Agrees with the Original

Az0nic/reddit#18 Pants for Extremely Tall People

LJayTat/reddit#19 Only the Color Matches. Both Products

Roast_Dinner30/reddit#20 I Don’t Think the Tire Was Supposed to Look Like This….

TheRookieGetsACookie / reddit#21 I’ll Always Check Sizes Again

stephyski / reddit#BONUS

Hairdressers also sometimes have trouble recreating the pattern they would like on their head .

Have you had any unpleasant surprises related to online shopping?

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