Shoe review: Kiprun KD500 from Décathlon

I like my shoes as light as possible, as neutral as possible (love twisting those soles!) and with a fairly wide toe-box. Despite questioning the elongated and therefore possibly narrower profile of this shoe, I decided to give the Kiprun KD500 road running shoe a try. After three outings I am pleasantly surprised with this shoe in terms of comfort and performance.

The sock-like upper, made from a single piece of fabric, is very comfortable and gave my feet plenty of room. The sole gave a nice, springy return with every stride, maybe explaining why they feel lighter on foot than their 222 g. (7.8 oz) weight would suggest. At $85, I was impressed to not feel any noticeable difference from my other favourite, more expensive, shoes. We’ll see how they hold up with more mileage in them, but so far these shoes are a great addition to shoe models already in my roster.