Real Time Society x OPEND

 These cool socks came to us & we matched. Directly!

It is with great pleasure that Real Time Sociery announce the collaboration with OPEND and look forward to all upcoming joint projects that are still in sock heaven. A lot of great things have happened since the company was founded in 2020, but more is more - so you better be ready;).

Are you still unfamiliar with the sports socks from OPEND? Then let's introduce the Swiss label: THE PROMISE: NO BLISTERS. Thanks to the ultra-flexible weaving structure (an OPEND yarn is 20x thinner than a single hair), the socks remain snug on the feet and ensure that there is no friction. DO BUSINESS LIKE A WOMEN. The brand is managed by Evelyne, who wants to breathe new life into the sports business: “It should be more diverse, more relatable and fashionable as well as technically on the same level. I would like to buy a piece that is suitable for jogging and also as a fashion accessory». NO DAMN WASTE. The entire packaging is plastic-free! And with an efficient, unisex and one-size design, the brand prevents enormous overproduction. YES YOU CAN SIT WITH US. YES, YOU TOO. OPEND stands for "open end". Because these socks offer you every freedom, in addition to blister-free activities, the socks fit all sizes (36 to 46), are unisex and much more. You can share the socks with your boyfriend, with your girlfriend, with your Kyddo, because that is exactly the philosophy of the brand: open to everything and everyone. In short: OPEND is an innovative, diverse and transparent brand, designed in Switzerland.

Image courtesy of OPEND