Product review: SNOW DEER Heated Socks with rechargeable battery

I purchased these socks in October, and have been using them for two months as I write this review. The warmth they generate is good, but there are also things I don't like about them as noted in this review.

I read reviews and product descriptions for about a dozen electric socks. These socks are more expensive then a good number of other electric socks, but they have two features that others did not. I selected these socks because they have the heating elements both on the top and the bottom of the toe area (unlike many socks that only heat the top or the bottom of the food, and often not in the toe area).

A secondary consideration was that these socks are not one size fit all, but come in small, medium and large sizes. I picked Medium and they fit my 7.5 shoe size foot pretty well toe to heel. However, the top of the sock (the calf area) is too tight and the sock slides down as I wear it. I have average size calves, I never have issues with socks or boots being too tight except for these socks.

The heat in these socks has three settings high, medium, and low. I start out on high and in about 5 minutes switch to low. This generates pleasant warmth, I can wear socks all day long as I work at my desk. I don't need to remove them from overheating as I had to do in the past when I used electric Mastex booties (ASIN B00KH6QHCM). I had to turn off Mastex booties after 30 minutes as they become uncomfortably hot. We keep the house fairly cool in the winter, and my feet always get painfully cold. These socks resolved the problem better than other solutions I have tried before.

The button that turns the sock on and off is in the logo that appears on the battery pocket. The manual does not show where the button is. I am including the photo that shows the button: red LED indicates high setting, blue LED is medium, and WHITE is low setting. To turn them off I need to hold the button for a few seconds until LED turns off. When set to a low setting I get enough battery juice to wear the socks all day long. Once I tried sleeping with them, but the battery on the side of the sock creates an uncomfortable bump.

Before buying the socks I made sure that I can buy replacement batteries for Snow Deer socks and found the Amazon carries them at $40 for two batteries:
Additional batteries for the socks

Bottom line: good but not perfect. The socks are too narrow at the top and not comfortable for an average size calf. The poor fit in the calf drops my evaluation by a star from five-star socks to four-star socks.

You can find these on Amazon by following this link.

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