Not One Stinking Bird

It was cloudy and warmer today (it got up to 28 but with a cold wind in the afternoon) and not one bird came to the feeders. That I saw. And I was watching. A few squirrels visited the peanuts and I watched one unbury a nut from the snow but that was all the wildlife I saw today.

I worked on a watercolor collage today. First I picked out a double page in my sketchbook and painted a sandy bottom and some blue water. Then while it was drying I traced and cut out fish shapes on the two sheets I painted yesterday and started planning.

After lunch I went to ALDI and bought ALL the fruit. I got Pink Lady apples, navel oranges, red grapes, blueberries, bananas, and baby guavas. And chocolate ice cream. Can't run out of that. I don't dig into the ice cream like I do other snacks. I portion it out so that I get a little every night instead of eating it all in one sitting, which I would like to do but would make me sick.

When I got home the paint was dry so it was time to get the glue stick and get to making my collage. The pages were slightly buckled and the pieces of the fish were bent too so I took a piece of tracing paper and a heavy book and weighted them down so they'd dry. I was even smart enough to check after a half hour or so and unstick the tracing paper so that I could remove it without removing the collage pieces. I think it turned out pretty okay. I probably should have painted some sponges or more coral before gluing the pieces but I didn't. Maybe another time.


I watched the clouds and managed a halfway decent shot of sundown. It's staying light longer in the afternoons and the sun it shifting position too. It comes in the windows in a different place these days. I love sitting in the sunshine in the afternoons. Indoors, that is.

After supper I knitted on the Black & White Sock and made the heel. Next I have to knit around and around to make the foot and then it's on to the toe.

Today's toss was a ceramic bowl filled with seashells. I tried to draw the seashells but had absolutely no luck so I put my drawing things away and pouted.