Not An Eating Onion

But an ornamental one. That's the allium that has started to bloom in front. When I planted them years ago I expected to get a softball sized puff of purple florets but this is barely ping pong size. Pretty but a little disappointing. Maybe if I had a cluster of them instead of singletons it'd make more of a show.

The hot weather we've been having has really greened up the grass. I was impressed at the contrast between the lawn and the Cardinal this morning when he landed in the grass and hopped around pecking at fallen seed.

The heat has also sounded the death knell for the daffodils but the tulips right behind them are happy in the heat. It supposed to cool down into the low 70s and high 60s in mid-week. I'm looking forward to that.

The next figure in Lesson K of the 3-D book was called Kissing Killers. Not a great name for a nice drawing of a pair of orcas, aka killer whales.

In the 10-Step: Nature book the next figure was a camellia. I'm especially pleased with the way that the leaves turned out

When I finished drawing this afternoon, I sat myself down and finished the Owl Sock--just in time to put it away with the other hand-knit socks for winter. Ah well, it'll be ready when autumn winds blow again.

Today's toss was a pair of stock photo books that were in a bag I dug through downstairs. In that bag were also a whole mitt full of scissors that I have been looking for off and on for years. I knew that Mom had a bunch of scissors, not her fancy fabric scissors, I have those, but couldn't remember where I'd put them. In that bag with the stock photo books and the Exacto knife. So that's where all that stuff was.

I've been diligent about putting in the eye drops I got from the doc last week. My eyes are some better, they don't burn and squirt tears as frequently as they had been but I was sure that it'd be an instant cure. Guess there's no such thing also probably why he didn't want to see me for 3-4 weeks. I'm getting pretty good at hitting my eye with the darned drops though.