NOBULL Just Released a Sleek Reflective Collection Perfect for Nighttime Running

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NOBULL, the aggressively-named athletic shoe brand aimed at gym hard-o’s has released a new reflective collection for nighttime runners looking to stay safe, and look fly, on the road. In addition to your reflective running gear and illuminating headlamps, these effervescent shoes that’ll set your stride ablaze, and also make it easier for cars, buses, and other hazardous road companions to spot you.

NOBULL’s Reflective Collection: The Details

The winter’s limited hours of sunlight can present a challenge for training regimens if you’re trying to squeeze in a pace run before or after work. These shoes are made to be highly reflective and easier to spot in darker conditions, so you’re less limited by the sun’s schedule. Plus, they look really cool even in the daylight.

NOBULL’s reflective collection includes aglow versions of some of their most popular shoes for both running and strength training, and the collection is not just limited to reflective white sneakers. They’ve added reflective and iridescent elements to their colorful knit runners as well.

Check out some of our top picks for runners and weightlifters from the collection below, and keep reading to hear about other releases from the brand that caught our eye.

NOBULL's New Reflective Runners Are Perfect for Nighttime Training

Reflective Men's Runner+ (Dark Grey)

These reflective runners make you more visible in dark training conditions but are also made with 100% Pebax foam for lightweight support. The upper is made with structured, engineered mesh to secure you in and the whole shoe is designed breathable for temperature regulation.

NOBULL's New Reflective Runners Are Perfect for Nighttime Training


Men's Reflective Ripstop Trainers (Dark Grey)

NOBULL has also just released a reflective version of their ripstop trainer weightlifting shoe that’s available for preorder on their website. It’s made with their durable, lightweight ripstop material with a reflective upper layer and an outsole designed for easy transitions between indoors and outdoors. It has a 4mm heel drop for support during heavy lifts and lateral and medial guards for added sidewall protection.

NOBULL's New Reflective Runners Are Perfect for Nighttime Training

Reflective Knit Runner (Dark Grey)

NOBULL’s Reflective Knit Runner has reflective material sewn into the knit sock construction and is unisex with sizes for all feet. The outsole pattern was designed for use in all environments and there’s a removable molded sockliner for added support and comfort.

NOBULL's New Reflective Runners Are Perfect for Nighttime Training

Reflective Knit Runner (Neon Orange)

NOBULL also makes their reflective runners in a monochromatic neon orange color that’ll make it even easier for folks to spot you on the road after the sun has gone down. These shoes also come in a neon green, pink, blue, purple, red and seafoam.

Other Recent Notable NOBULL Releases

Merino Wool Collection

NOBULL released a Merino Wool Collection in 2022 that includes their standard knit runners made with wool. Merino wool is known for its athletic-friendly properties like temperature regulation, odor deflection and moisture-wicking. These shoes are also excellent for cold weather running, especially when paired with hefty running socks.

NOBULL's New Reflective Runners Are Perfect for Nighttime Training

Merino Wool Knit Runners (Navy Slate)

These shoes are built with the familiar fit of the NOBULL knit runner with the added benefits that come with merino wool. It has climate adaptive properties for keeping you cool in the heat, and the more porous fabric captures and wicks away sweat vapor easily.

GORE-TEX Collection

NOBULL also released a GORE-TEX waterproof version of their trail runners last year designed for waterproof protection while running outdoors. They’re built tough for trail running specifically — with extra durable fabric on the outside and a sturdier shoe to protect you from injury.

NOBULL's New Reflective Runners Are Perfect for Nighttime Training

Gore-Tex Trail Runner (Dark Grey)

These shoes are made with a breathable GORE-TEX membrane that’s waterproof and made to keep your feet dry in wet, muddy, snowy and rainy conditions. They have a grippy lug pattern on the bottom for traction on tough trail terrain, as well as extra medial and lateral support so you can bob and weave on trails without losing an ankle.