Much Better

 I had a much better day today. First, the sun shone all day, it was colder but sunnier. I'll always take sunny. I was talking to my cousin NH on the phone this morning when a Downy Woodpecker landed on the tube feeder. It didn't stay long but long enough for me to sneak a photo of it. I wonder why it didn't land on any of the suet which is what they're supposed to be attracted to. Oh well.

Then later a Nuthatch did land on the suet pellets in full view but by the time I got the camera up and ready it had shuffled around so that it was kind of hidden behind the crook and Slinky. Another oh well.

I did a lot of drawing today, just because. First I pulled out the You Can Draw in 30 Days book to work on the second lesson, Advanced Spheres. It involved a lot of circles and shading and overlapping, artsy stuff like that. The Bonus Challenge was to stack different size circles, shade them into spheres, and then "add extras." I added round windows and other spheres shooting out of them. And one little guy peeking out. It was fun to draw.

Then I drew the last figure in the G section of the 3-D book which is a Ghost. When I think of ghosts I think of Casper the Friendly Ghost or a kid with a sheet over his head and two eye holes on Halloween but this is evidently Mark Kistler's version of a ghost. He's the author of most of the drawing books I'm using.

Today's gratitude journal page has only four items but I was especially pleased that I managed to draw the back of my head and a hand with scissors for my haircut. All the drawing that I've been doing since October is paying off!

Knitting on the Barn Owl sock is going slowly. The yarn is very thin and the pattern takes more concentration than just "knit every stitch until the leg is long enough" so I have to pay attention to what I'm doing. Watching TV slows me down too. I end up paying attention to the tube and not my knitting. So far that has just meant that I stopped, not that I screwed up. Knock on wood.

Today I found three Pack and Play sheets. Before I toss them, and the Pack and Play, to Goodwill I'm going to find out if my neighbors with the new baby need one.

After my haircut I stopped at Festival Foods for milk and was one of only three people in the store in a mask. Boggles my mind.