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ūüéČūüéČūüéČ Yay for another Christmas-themed crochet pattern! ūüéČūüéČūüéČ

I recently designed a large Christmas stocking designed to hang upon the fireplace mantle.  After making it, I decided to make a mini version... and believe me, this is the quickest and fastest Christmas pattern I have on my blog yet!

It works up quickly, involves no sewing at all, and can be whipped up in just 30 minutes!! 

(That's your cue to make one for each family member!)

Just like its larger version, the body of this mini stocking is made using velvet yarn (and a 6mm hook), while the trim of the stocking is made with faux fur yarn (and a 9mm hook).  I love how luxuriously soft it is!  It has a modern, minimalist, and classic style...but also cute because it's a tiny sock! 

The measurement is shown below, with the stocking being 20 cm in height and 10 cm in width from toe to the heel. 


If you loathe sewing, you'll find this stocking to be a highly enjoyable project because there's no sewing involved!  It's crocheted completely in one piece from bottom-up, starting with the toe and working your way up to the heel, then the body of the stocking, to the fluffy trim, and finally the hanging loop at the very top.  Who doesn't love a no-sew project?


As mentioned earlier, this stocking uses a combination of velvet yarn and faux fur yarn.¬† I used¬†Bernat Velvet yarn, which is classified as a bulky (5) weight yarn.¬† The fluffy trim portion is made with¬†Lion Brand Go For Faux‚ĄĘ Yarn, which is classified as a super bulky (6) weight yarn.

You're welcome to use the same yarns for your stocking too, which will yield the closest results to what you see in my photos!  

If you choose to use different fibers, such as acrylic for the body of the stocking, make sure you use a bulky weight yarn as well and the recommended 6mm hook so that your stocking will end up about the same size as mine.  If you use a thinner yarn, you'll also need a smaller hook (to avoid big or noticeable gaps between your stitches), though that will make your finished stocking smaller in size than mine.  Just some things to know ahead of time when you're selecting your materials! 

Comes with a Video Tutorial!

For those of you who would like to crochet along with me, check out the step-by-step Mini Xmas Stocking Video Tutorial!  (And, if you'd like to support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel, that'd be super appreciated!)

This Project is Perfect for...

Christmas!!  It's perfect for crocheting as a stocking stuffer for family, friends, and loved ones!  (Wouldn't that be funny? A mini stocking within a larger stocking? Talk about stocking-ception...) 

They also make great gift-card holders as they're just the right size to put cards into!  What better way than to show some Christmas cheer than with a gift card to your recipient's favorite shop wrapped in a cute, handmade stocking? 

With the modern and trendy look of these stockings using velvet yarn and faux fur, I'm sure they will be a cherished gift.  That, or a top-selling product for those of you who run craft fair stands or sell crocheted goods online!

A LARGE Size is Available!

Want to crochet a tiny version instead?  Try the Mini Velvet & Fur Christmas Stocking!  It's also a free pattern on my blog, and comes with a complete video tutorial too.  This one can be whipped up in 30 minutes and is the perfect size to store gift cards.  It looks so cute beside a large one too.  (And if you put a small stocking in a big one, it'll be like stocking-ception!)

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Free Crochet Pattern

Copyright Notice -- © 2021 Sweet Softies ( You have permission to sell finished products made from this pattern, but you must credit Sweet Softies as the owner/creator of this pattern by linking to my website ( No wholesale. You may not translate, copy, alter, or sell my patterns in part or in whole in any way. My patterns may not be used in video tutorials or teaching online classes. My patterns may be used in teaching in-person classes ONLY with written consent from me. You may link to this pattern but you may not copy any part of the pattern instructions on other websites.


Height: 20 cm 
Toe to heel: 10 cm

Level of Difficulty:

‚ėÖ‚ėÖ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ Familiar Beginner.¬†
Requires familiarity with stitches used (below) and changing yarn colors.

Stitches/Terms Used:

  • FO = fasten off¬†
  • st(s) = stitch(es)¬†
  • ch = chain¬†
  • sl st = slip stitch¬†
  • hdc = half double crochet¬†
  • hdc2tog = hdc 2 sts together (half double crochet decrease)¬†
  • dc = double crochet¬†
  • dc2tog = dc 2 sts together (double crochet decrease)¬†
  • inc = insert 2 sts in same st


  • Bulky (5) weight velvet yarn (Bernat Velvet)¬†
  • Super Bulky (6) weight faux fur yarn (Lion Brand Go For Faux)¬†
  • 6mm crochet hook¬†
  • 9mm crochet hook¬†
  • Stitch marker¬†
  • Scissors

Notes (Read Before Beginning): 

  • Start with velvet yarn and the 6mm hook for the stocking. The fluffy portion is made with faux fur yarn and the 9mm hook.¬†
  • The stocking crocheted in one piece, so do not fasten off until the very end.


Note: Use the 6mm hook and velvet yarn. Work in continuous rounds for this section. Ch 3 and sl st in first ch to create a loop. 

R1: Ch 2 and insert 10 hdc in the loop. (10 hdc) 
R2: (Hdc, inc) x 5. (15 hdc) 
R3-R5: Hdc around. (15 hdc)


Note: Work in turned rows for this section. 

R6: Hdc 7, and leave the rest of the 8 sts in the previous round unworked. (7 hdc)
R7: Ch 2, turn. Hdc2tog, hdc 3, hdc2tog. (5 hdc) 
R8: Ch 2, turn. Hdc2tog, hdc, hdc2tog. (3 hdc)


Note: Return to working in continuous rounds for this section. 

R9: Without turning your work like in previous rounds, begin working towards the toe. Place marker to indicate the new start of the round. Hdc 2 across the heel rows in the direction towards the toe (Note: insert one hdc in R7 and one hdc in R6). Hdc2tog when you arrive at the unworked sts in R5. Hdc 4. Hdc2tog. Hdc 2 across the other side of the heel rows. Hdc 3 across the top of R8. (Note: insert a hdc in each of the 3 sts in R8). (13 hdc) 
R10: Hdc around. (13 hdc) 
R11: Hdc 2, inc, hdc 5, inc, hdc 4. (15 hdc) 
R12: (Hdc 4, inc) x 3. (18 hdc) 
R13: (Hdc 8, inc) x 2. (20 hdc) 
R14: Hdc around. (20 hdc) 
R15: (Hdc 9, inc) x 2. (22 hdc) 
R16-R17: Hdc around. (22 hdc) 
Hdc 4 more so that your final stitch is now at the very back of the stocking, when laid flat. 


Note: Switch to using the 9mm hook and faux fur yarn. 

R18: Dc2tog around. *Join with a sl st to the gap between the hdc of R16 and the first dc of R17. (11 dc) 
R19: Ch 2, insert a dc in the same gap. Then, insert a dc in-between each dc around. *Join. (11 dc) 

Fasten off and weave in the ends. 


Note: Use the 6mm hook and velvet yarn. 

  1. Lay the stocking flat. In the fluff section’s final round, find a stitch in the back part. Attach velvet yarn. 
  2. Ch 8, or however long you’d like the hanging loop to be. 
  3. Sl st in the same st. 
  4. FO and pull the end inside of the stocking. Tie the two velvet yarn ends securely together. Weave in the ends or cut them short.

Congratulations on finishing your stocking!

There are so many ways to customize your stocking! Here's a list of some starting-off points to get your creative juices flowing...
  • Use different yarn colors for the velvet portion of the sock, such as a different color for the toe and heel.¬†¬†
  • You can also alternate colors every rounds to give your stocking a striped look.¬† (If you're gifting the stocking to a die-hard team sports fan, using their team's colors would be an awesome choice!)
  • Sew appliques and embellishments onto the stocking, such as pom poms, bows, buttons, beads, or even flowers if you'd like a boho look!¬† These can be crocheted, made of fabric, or other materials.
  • Embroider designs, such as polka dots or flowers, directly onto the stocking.
  • Use different yarn fibers!¬† You don't have to use velvet to make this pattern.¬† If you're looking for clearer stitch definition, you might want to use acrylic yarn (for instance) instead of velvet.

If you have other ideas for customization, please do share with me in the comments below! I'd love to hear about how you're making your stocking unique and special!

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