lululemon Levels Up Its Debut Running Shoe: blissfeel 2

Lululemon’s first running shoe is focused on women. In fact, there isn’t a men’s version.

To create the original blissfeel, lululemon used new data from foot specialists to create a shape that better fits women’s feet and the way they run.

For its sophomore entry into the running space, the blissfeel 2 tweaks a few elements of the well-received original to improve fit and comfort.

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lululemon: Shaped for Women

The blissfeel was lululemon’s answer to a void of women’s-specific running shoes in the market. A lot of shoes are based on data from male runners and then scaled down to fit the foot stays or strides of women. But women’s feet are not only smaller than men’s, but they tend to be shaped differently too.

Bucking that convention, lululemon selected only women’s foot measurements and their running biomechanics to design the brand’s first running shoe — hence the “women-first” terminology.

Rather than just performance, the other focus was on the shoe’s fit and feel. The broader idea is that comfortable runners are more likely to push themselves to run more often, farther, or harder.

blissfeel 2: What’s New?

Lululemon dialed the shoe’s upper mesh with a layered textile to fit around the foot. It has a seamless frame through the heel to create a cradled feel. It keeps the original’s 3D-molded midfoot panel for stability.

And the blissfeel 2 comes in new colors to freshen up your running style.

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lululemon blissfeel 2 Features

The blissfeel’s mesh upper includes a seamless liner with a sock-like fit. It saw some adjustments in the blissfeel 2 for a closer fit that still allows some flex in running motion. The mesh also helps wick moisture from inside the shoe.

Other comfort-minded touches include the padded tongue and heel collar, which the brand says can help reduce the odds of rubbing.

Lululemon designed the heel clip for a “locked-in,” racy feel and a more confident fit.

Lastly, the outsole is pressure-mapped to offer support under the forefoot and flexibility under the midfoot.

The Numbers

  • Stack height: 33mm heel/23.5mm forefoot
  • Drop: 9.5 mm
  • Weight: 9.7 oz. (women’s size 8)

Who’s It For?

Like its predecessor, the blissfeel 2 is a neutral trainer. Its cushioning and flexible upper aim to help beginners ease into longer miles and reduce impact strain while training.

The stack height is close to those of maximal running shoes and should similarly fit everyday training needs for most types of runners. Because it’s also designed for comfort, some runners may prefer it to a firmer shoe for longer races.

Lululemon does note that runners with wide feet may want to size up a half-size.

Additionally, the blissfeel 2 has workout and recovery companions with women-first designs: the chargefeel workout shoe, the strongfeel training shoe, and the restfeel recovery slide.

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