I Remembered

Every time I go to DS's taproom, Zambaldi Beer, to knit with friends I intend to take a picture of my knitting with my mug of beer and every time I forget. Except today! Today I remembered to lay my knitting down on the table and take a picture of it with my half mug of hazy IPA. Just so you don't think that DS isn't a good brewer, it's supposed to be cloudy not clear. It's the style. I like it because it has a strong grapefruit aroma and taste.

I finished the Sunset Doublethick Washcloth at the taproom. I knitted until I thought I had just enough yarn to bind off. I wasn't too far off, I had about a yard left.

Then I picked up the Black & White sock to work on that. I'm on the leg which is seven inches of knit, knit, knit, around and around until I get to the heel flap, heel turn, and gusset before another seven inches of just plain knitting for the foot. I'm in no hurry.

After knitting I pulled out the 3-D drawing book and drew the next few figures in the E lesson. I don't know what the flying thing with arms is but then there's the Elf Ear and the Emotional Eye. Kind of creepy.

This morning I spied a House Finch all fluffed up and huddled against the tube feeder. Every once in a while he would turn and peck at the seed but mostly he just sat there fluffed against the cold. I don't blame him one bit.

Today's toss was a teddy I found in my drawer that I will never wear again.

For the prompt I wrote about the sky. Okay, I confess that I wrote this yesterday but I like what I wrote an awful lot so I'm claiming it.