I’m a Yoga Instructor, and These Are the Best Grip Socks for Slip-Resistant Support During a Workout

I’m a Yoga Instructor, and These Are the Best Grip Socks for Slip-Resistant Support During a Workout

Grip socks are more than soft non-slip foot holders with little sticky bubbles on the bottom. They’re a prop to help support the user during a workout. As a yoga instructor, I recommend reaching for grip socks when you need help securing your feet to the mat. These sticky socks are for more than yoga, they can be used for barre and Pilates, too.

The 7 best grip socks, at a glance:

Whether your mat is super slick, you need something to go over your bandaged foot, or you have very sweaty feet and don’t want to fuss with a flimsy yoga mat towel, there are an array of reasons why you might reach for the pair of non-slip socks. Although if you can go barefoot while doing certain workouts, you may want to. When you go barefoot, it’s of course easier to feel the floor (versus a mat) and get a good surface grip. Equinox Pilates instructor George Fletcher tells Well+Good that while a grip sock will help you with traction, wearing one does make it “a bit harder to truly feel the floor in standing or squatting positions.”

However! Since you’re here for grip socks, the very best grip socks we shall deliver—the ones below are grip socks that are almost as good as going barefoot, expect with the benefits of extra coverage.

What to look for in grip socks

When shopping for a pair of grip socks the most important thing to consider is that you feel supported for the duration of your workout. Ultimately, you want a pair of grip socks that won’t slide around your foot while you’re exercising. They need to get a grip on both the ground and your foot. Fletcher recommends choosing a sock that will offer you “full coverage.”

The best grip socks

Keep scrolling to free yourself from the idea that the only silhouette non-slip socks come in are tiny ballet flat-esque foot coverings, approved by a Pilates instructor and myself.

Best for Fashion

Alo Throwback Barre Sock — $21.00

Alo’s Throwback Barre Sock serves in both fashion and function. The crew designed socks feature a cushioned footbed and grip design that covers the entire bottom of the sock. The pop of contrast with the double stripe around the top of these socks will ensure that your sleek class-ready look will always have a bit of interest without being over-the-top.


  • Made of a cotton, nylon, and Lycra fabric blend for breathable stretch and comfort
  • Covers the ankle and lower calf to keep the area covered and warm during class


  • These are thick socks so they’re not ideal for heated classes
  • Currently, these non-slip socks are only available under the women’s category in sizes 5US to 11US across two size ranges

Best for Barre Class

Gymshark Studio Socks — $8.00

Looking for the classic ballet-flat silhouette? Here it is! Gymshark’s Studio Socks feature a band that runs over the top of the foot to keep you strapped in for barre. The non-slip sock also sports gripping bubbles both underneath the foot (inside of the sock) and over the sole of the sock on the outside.


  • The sock has a ribbed arch to conform to the foot
  • Dozens of small gripping bubbles to move with your foot throughout your workout
  • Tailored stitching around the heel further secures your foot within the sock for a slip-free practice
  • The socks aren’t broken up by gender so across the three sizes offered they’ll fit someone with a 4 US women and 5 US men up to a 13 US women and 15 US men shoe size


  • There are no grippy bubbles under the arch of the foot
  • The fabric isn’t very thick

Best Size Range

Bombas Gripper Calf Socks — $18.00

The Bombas Gripper Calf Socks offer an ankle-covering solution for those looking to feel supported during their workout in more ways than one. These socks feature a cotton-rich fabric blend and have a cushioned footbed along with a “honeycomb arch support system,” according to the Bombas site.


  • Along with the cushioned support and contoured design of the socks they cover the most shoe sizes on this list
  • Between the six size ranges (three women and three men) these grip socks cover shoe sizes 4 US women to 16 US men
  • Cons
  • The product page does note that while these socks have a grip, “they’re not magic”
  • If you’re looking for understated socks, these aren’t for you. All of the calf socks come in striped colorful patterns

Best for Pilates

LA Active Grip Socks — $9.00

The unique design of LA Active’s non-slip sock secures the foot at the ankle while simultaneously providing ventilation over the top of the foot with two crossed straps to then cover the toes. The grip pattern is what makes them great for Pilates. The grip goes over the entirety of the foot so that no one will catch you slippin’ on the mat no matter how you move.


  • The PVC spots on the bottom keep your foot sealed to your mat or the floor
  • The padded heel tab ensures that you don’t have the seam of the sock cutting into your ankle during those longer workout sessions


  • If you don’t want to feel a breeze over the top of your foot while you move you might want to steer clear of these socks
  • These socks cover sizes 4 US to 15 US but the product page doesn’t specify what gender that range is for

Best for Hot Yoga

Muezna Men's Non-Slip Yoga Socks — $17.00

These sweat-wicking cotton-rich Miezna non-slip yoga socks have a series of patterned silica grips on the sole to ground you during your hot yoga practice. Featuring a cushioned heel tab, stretchy fabric, and a complimentary storage bag, these grip socks are ready to meet you on the mat. Available in sizes 6 to 14 US men. The women’s version supports sizes 5 to10 US women.


  • Zoned stripes keep your foot in place within the sock
  • The textured bottom is prepared to keep you stable during a sweaty workout
  • Good value: You get three pairs for under $20


  • These socks land pretty low on the ankle (just below the ankle bone) so if you want more coverage, these might not be your non-slip socks
  • Since these socks are very stretchy make sure to get your true size so that you don’t swim in the sock

Best for Dance Classes

BLOCHSOX Dance Socks — $21.00

Grippy socks are usually made to cover the whole foot for exercises like yoga, barre, and Pilates, but what happens when you want your feet covered during a dance workout class? You go to the dance experts. BLOCH, known for their coveted pointe shoes, also make danceable socks. These socks feature grip sections around the heel and just under the ball of the foot. This unique pattern makes them great to nail all of your turns while making sure you don’t accidentally slide into a split. According to the size chart on the site these socks will cover sizes 3 to 12 US women.



  • These socks are designed to hold their shape so no need to worry about them not making it past a round in the washer
  • They have additional compression around the arch of the foot for additional stability


  • These are made with dancers in mind so you’re not going to have grips all over the bottom of the foot, only at specific zones
  • If you’re not used to socks with added compression you may want to ease your way into wearing these

Best Toe Sock

Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women with Grips — $15.00

The Ozaiic Yoga Socks are for those who want a grip sock with the toes separated. The ballet design of the crossed straps will keep your foot secure up top, while the intricate grip pattern on the sole will prevent you from sliding all over the Pilates reformer. The silicone grips cover the ball of the foot, heel, and each toe—yes, even the pinky toe.


  • Zoned grips will help hold you steady
  • The cotton upper offers breathable support
  • The socks come with a travel bag


  • If you’ve never tried a toe sock, the main caveat to the design is that with prolonged wear some can feel irritation from the friction of the fabric between the toes

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