I Gave Up

I gave up trying to figure out how to pick up and knit the gusset stitches on the Owl Sock with Magic Loop so I dug out the Double Point Needles and am going old-school on this part of the sock. Once I decrease back to the original 48 stitches I'll put them back on the Magic Loop circular needle to work my way down the foot and toe. I probably could have found a YouTube video on how to do it, there seems to be at least one for every problem or question, but I just didn't feel like learning anything new. 

See the lily sprouts? It was gray and dreary today but it didn't start raining until after I went out and took this picture of the greenery I can see from the patio door. There's green sprouting all across the retaining wall.

The bright spot of the day was this Goldfinch. It landed on top of the crook and stayed long
enough for me to take its picture. I don't have any finch seed so there's really nothing for it to eat but I'm glad it stops by every once in a while. I'll have to remember to get one of those mesh "socks" with finch seed in it the next time I'm at the birdseed store.

Today's picture in the 15-Minute Artist is a dandelion puff. I was afraid that it would be too hard to draw the puff part but it's just a series of Vs and Xs filling in the space. I like the little seeds floating away.

I pulled out the Drawing Cute book next and drew these two doggies--a Poodle and a fluffy dog of unspecified breeding.

I had to go to two home improvement stores to get the right size window well covers because the closest one only had one in stock so I ended up a few miles down Highway 41 at another version of the same store getting another one. Naturally it started raining when I was on the highway and when I stepped up to the window well to put the cover on my nice white sneaker sank into the mud. Ugh. I forgot that about new dirt when it gets wet and these covers don't really fit right either but there isn't another size smaller so I guess we're stuck with these. They're heavy enough that they won't blow away so I guess they'll serve their purpose of keeping leaves out of the wells. Sheesh. What a pain.