How to Get Wavy Hair Overnight with a Bun

Taking just a few minutes to put your hair up in a sock bun before you go to sleep will result in pretty, wavy hair when you wake up in the morning. Make sure to dampen your hair before you put it up so that it it dries overnight in a curled position. When you take it down your hair will look naturally wavy.


  1. Cut off the toe of an old sock. Any cotton tube sock will do. If you have very long hair, you'll want a bigger sock, so choose a men's sock if you can locate one. Then simply snip off the toe using a pair of scissors. You now have a tube of cloth that's open at both ends.[1]
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  2. Roll up the sock. Start by folding the end over, then fold it over again. After a few folds you should be able to roll the sock to form a tight donut shape. This is all you need for beautiful beachy waves in the morning.
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    • If you're having trouble rolling the sock, try fitting it over a banana or another long object. Starting at the top, roll the sock down until it forms a donut shape, then slip it off the banana.
  3. Gather your hair into a high ponytail.[2] Flip your head upside down and use a comb to help gather your hair at the very top of your head. The higher, the better, since you'll be sleeping with the bun and it'll be more comfortable at the top of your head than in the back. Use a ponytail holder to secure the ponytail in place.
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  4. Spritz your hair with water. Your hair needs to be damp, but not sopping wet, in order for this technique to work. Soaking wet hair won't fully dry during the night, so just spritz your hair with water slightly dampen it. If you just took a shower, wait until your hair is 80 percent dry before you put it up.
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    • It's handy to keep some water in an old spray bottle so you can evenly spritz your hair to dampen it.
    • If you don't have a spray bottle, use your fingers to flick some water onto your hair, then use a comb to distribute it evenly.
  5. Place the sock over your ponytail. Pull your ponytail through the hole in the "donut" and slide it down a few inches. Make sure no strands of hair are left out; everything should be pulled through the center of the sock.
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  6. Tuck the ends of your ponytail over the sock. You're going to roll the sock down your ponytail in order to create a bun, so start by tucking the ends of your ponytail all around the sock. The entire sock should now be covered by the end of your ponytail.
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  7. Roll your ponytail into a bun. Using both hands, roll the sock, and your hair with it, slowly toward your head. Keep going until your entire ponytail is rolled up in the sock, and the sock is resting against your head at the base of your ponytail. You now have a pretty sock bun. You could wear it out of the house if you felt like stopping here!
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    • If your hair feels dry at this point, give the bun an extra spritz. Remember not to get it too wet, though, or it won't dry during the night.
  8. Sleep on it. Go to bed as normal, keeping the bun intact all night long.[3] If you positioned it right at the top of your head, it shouldn't be too uncomfortable. If it feels too tight, try loosening the area at the base of the bun, rather than taking the whole thing out.
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  9. Undo the bun in the morning. Unroll your hair and the sock, then set the sock aside. Take out your ponytail holder, too. Let your wavy hair cascade down your back and around your shoulders. Your look is complete![4]
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  • Use hairspray to make the curls/waves last longer.
  • Use bobby pins if your bun does not stay up.

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