#HOMEHacks | 23 Ways to Embrace Hygge This Season

Embrace Hygge This SeasonIf you want to take a cue on how to do winter the right way, look no further than the Danishwho are among the happiest people in the world despite little daylight and cold temps for months on end.

By embracing hygge, which is essentially the practice of getting cozy and content, the folks over in Denmark are clearly doing something right. Many of them even hygge-ify their lives by having designated hyggebukser, or ultra-comfy pants, and hyggekrog, or nooks of the house for downtime.

But, before you go and get a whole new wardrobe or remodel your house, here are a few simpler ways to bring hygge into your own life

  1. Put your fireplace to use with regular fires
  2. Go ice skating at the Railyard Ice Rink
  3. Swap your sheets for a new flannel set
  4. Bring some greenery into your home (even if its faux)
  5. Experiment with add-in flavors for hot chocolate like peppermint or orange
  6. Embrace seasonal decor on your front porch
  7. Add some spa-like elements to your bathroom
  8. Splurge on a few new, cozy sweaters
  9. Take your time while making dinner to enjoy the process
  10. Simplify meal planning by scheduling a weekly comfort food night
  11. Head over to Pioneers Park and sketch a winter landscape
  12. Host a book club meeting with some friends
  13. Invite neighbors over for happy hour with hot toddies
  14. Make gingerbread cookies
  15. Light some winter-themed candles
  16. Rent gear to try out a new outdoor activity like snowshoeing
  17. Buy tickets for a show at the Lied Center or a local theater
  18. Designate TV-free nights and start reading a new book
  19. Take an online class in something creative like photography or hand-lettering
  20. Plan a date for a local cooking class
  21. Upgrade your sock drawer and include some fuzzy new pairs
  22. Draft plans for your garden
  23. Go for a long walkyes, even in the cold

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