Got The Blahs

Just didn't have any oomph today. I should have done laundry because I'm down to one pair of socks but I just couldn't work up the energy to get myself down to do the wash. I ran the dishwasher. Does that count? I even emptied it too.

For the first time ever I saw two squirrels up on the crooks almost side by side. Usually one will chase the other away but this time one stayed up there munching away on a peanut while the other hung upside down on the peanut wreath. Amazing detente.

It was a sunny day but I don't think it was warmish outside. The Sparrows visited the tube feeder and merrily threw seed down onto the ground for the twilight rabbits to munch on. (Every time I type "sunny day" the Sesame Street theme song starts to play in my head.)

I drew the next lesson in the Draw Squad book. There's one more lesson in the book and then I'll be done with it--again. Maybe I'll put it away for a while and draw out of other books. Or maybe I'll get out the watercolors again and try my hand at the next exercise.

In the afternoon I rewatched episodes of Downton Abbey and finished knitting the cast sock. Tomorrow I have to find something new to knit or maybe just start another cast sock.

Today's toss was a couple pairs of toddler leggings that I had on hand for accidents.

I promise to do laundry tomorrow. All the laundry which will probably take all day. Monday is traditionally wash day.