Frugal On the Go: Free Baby Mittens

Image: I see your baby mittens and raise you a sock! by Remy Sharp, on Flickr

Forget about those tiny mittens for winter babies.

Use your baby's older brother's or sister's woolly socks - clean, of course!

The socks will pull up high enough so baby can't get them off easily, and snow, etc. can't get in either.

Thanks to Arlene for this Frugal Baby Tip!

Image: KnitWits Wool Fleece Lined Purple Stripe Sock Monkey Mittens | Made from high-quality New Zealand wool
Sock Monkey Mittens

Opt for mittens, not gloves. Itty-bitty fingers are also super susceptible when the temperature drops, so always make sure your baby or young child's hands are covered preferably with mittens, which keep those dainty digits in close company so they can work together to stay warmer.

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Sock Monkey Mittens
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