Exciting things!

Hellooo! How are you doing? Thank you for all your comments on my last post about the Yarndale Sock Line socks - all the socks are in their new homes now and are being very much appreciated!

Well, it's exactly a week to go until Christmas if you celebrate it, and you're either very organised and enjoying the run up, or you're (like me) very glad that it's not Christmas Day tomorrow! I am nearly ready, though, and I'm very pleased to tell you after this month's Monthly Musing that all my Christmas cards are sent and I've been feeling very festive this week!

This is such a busy time of year for us all (and especially if you're in the US and you've had Thanksgiving to organise recently as well!) and I am quite sure that you'll be hoping for a few quiet days to put your feet up once the festivities are over!

So ... I've got a couple of exciting things to tell you about both for now and to look forward to in January (in the new decade, doesn't that sound like a whole new adventure?!) when we have all got our breath back.

Here's the first of them ...

A photo of a small oak occasional table.  On the table to the left and in the foreground is a booklet of sock patterns called Socks Made Simple.  To the right is a small saucer decorated with circles of green, blue, red and turquoise with two shortbread fingers sitting on it.  At the top of the picture is an orange Herdy mug of tea

Well, would you look at that!

I'm really thrilled to have more patterns published in a magazine this month. These ones come in an exclusive booklet with issue 111 of Knit Nowwhich is out in the shops today. There are four patterns which use my WYS Signature 4ply Brightside and Seascape yarns, along with Bubblegum, which I think contrasts beautifully well!

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