Dress Up Last Year’s WFH Sweat Set With the Best Slippers

Over the past couple of years, many of us made the switch from uncomfortable heels and loafers to slippers, entrusting our bare feet to these snuggly encasements all year long—rather than waiting for temperatures to dip below freezing. If your commute has once again become (or still looks like!) a short walk from your bed to the living room rather than hopping on the train or into your car, you’re long overdue for an upgrade. It’s time to take your feet out of your average pair of slides and into the best slippers, a critical component of the comfy yet put-together home uniform. Below, these are the pairs our editors swear by. But our recommendations don’t stop there: You’ll find a few extra styles that dot our wish list and the beloved accessories, from knit socks to cashmere cardigans, that can help you keep the cozy vibes going strong beyond the typical 9-to-5 workday. 

Our Favorites

Best Slides: Jenni Kayne Shearling Sandals 

Shearling Slide Slipper

Material: Shearling | Sole: Rubber | Style: Backless, open-toe  

Why we chose it: A soft, easy-to-slip-on pair of slides you can lounge in all day. 

“These slides were a splurge and a gift to myself, and I love that I can wear them year-round,” says deputy photo editor Andie Diemer. Even though she never ventures further than her front door with them on, she mentions that the superfirm sole provides ample arch support when logging long minutes at the sink washing dishes. “The soft shearling pairs perfectly with a majority of my WFH attire,” she notes, adding being able to easily slip them on and off thanks to the slide style is an extra win. “I’ve had my pair for more than a year and they’ve only gotten more comfortable with age.” 

What we like:

  • Handmade
  • Natural dyes

Worth noting:

  • Full, Italian sizes that run wide 

Best High-Tops: Shepherd of Sweden Annie Slippers

Shepherd of Sweden Slipper

Material: Sheepskin | Sole: Rubber | Style: High-top  

Why we chose it: Sleek Swedish design isn’t limited to furniture. 

Creative studio deputy editor Erin Cunningham hates to admit it, but she was never really a big fan of slippers, “even though my feet are always cold,” she shares. But several Christmases ago, that all changed. “I was given a pair of Shepherd of Sweden shearling slippers and pretty much haven’t taken them off since. Seriously, I had to buy a new pair because I wore a hole through the top with my big toe,” explains Cunningham. “I bring them everywhere—weekend and international trips included—because they’re soft and comfortable, and I like how they have a higher shape for more coverage.” 

What we like:

  • Warm yet breathable lining 
  • Classic design style  

Worth noting:

  • Not super-durable  

Best Plush: Lamo Serenity Slippers

Criss-Cross Strap Slipper Slides Fluffy

Materials: Sheepskin, memory foam | Sole: Rubber | Style: Slide

Why we chose it: Gift your feet a fluffy hug without having to worry about sweaty toes. 

Style director Naomi deManana loves Lamo’s Serenity slippers for their superplush, trendy design. “The crisscross cut stays on your feet well,” she says. “They are cozy while also airing out your toes and showing off your pedicure.” They’re also prime for inventive styling. Enjoy mixing and matching colorful patterned socks paired with jeans or fleece-lined joggers when you pop over to the post office or grocery store.

What we like:

  • Super-fluffy 
  • Memory foam footbed 

Worth noting:

  • Limited sizes 

Best Sandal: Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Sandals 

Arizona Birkenstock Shearling Sandals

Materials: Shearling, suede | Sole: Cork | Style: Sandal  

Why we chose it: The extra-cozy winter version of a cult-favorite summer shoe. 

“The telltale sign someone is wearing slippers is the scuff, scuff sound they make on the floor—because, let’s be real, most render it impossible to take normal steps. Not these guys,” says home editorial director Lindsey Mather of her favorite slipper alternative. “Birkenstock took all the best things about the regular Arizona sandals—their supreme walkability, their carefree-chic suede straps—and made them acceptable to wear 24-7 indoors with the addition of a fuzzy shearling footbed. Your toes won’t just be warm; your arches will be lovingly supported.” 

What we like:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Outdoor-friendly  

Worth noting:

  • Takes a bit to break them in

Best Indoors: Morihata International Lana Slippers 

Gray Cotton House Slippers

Material: Cotton | Sole: Polyurethane | Style: Slide 

Why we chose it: Cashmere-like comfort. 

Sadly, deputy commerce editor Samantha Weiss-Hills can’t exactly pinpoint where she first bought her Japanese slippers, but this padded pair from Food52 is pretty close. “I like soft, Japanese-made house shoes like this because the backs are flexible, making them work as a slide or a snug, fitted slipper,” she shares. “These have a sole, which is nice for not sliding around, and the fabric is lightweight, so your feet don’t get too hot! We’re a no-shoes household (with no real entryway; you walk directly onto rugs that shouldn’t be for outside shoes), so it’s nice to have a non-sock option to wear around the house when it’s cold.” 

What we like:

  • Luxe hotel vibes 
  • Pill-free fabric 

Worth noting:

  • Indoors only 

Best Outdoors: UGG Ultra Mini Boots

Ugg Black Ultra Mini Boots

Materials: Shearling, suede | Sole: Rubber | Style: High-top 

Why we chose it: Uggs are back and better than ever. 

“I have no shame about loving my Uggs,” stresses deputy editor Julie Vadnal. “They are insanely warm and have a sturdy rubber sole and are easy to slip on and off, especially if you have the Minis. They also remind me of Marissa Cooper from The O.C., which brings me nostalgic joy.” The best part: These work just as well outdoors as they do inside. 

What we like:

  • Trendy 
  • Lots of color options  

Worth noting:

  • Stains and scuffs easily  


There are a lot of cute, fluffy footwear options out there, so it’s hard to keep our list of the best slippers for women down to just six. Whether you’re trying to feel like a vintage housewife (the metallic Jacques Levine slippers offer both comfort and a sexy little lift, notes deManana) or want to achieve TikTok’s “clean girl aesthetic,” here are a few extra styles we love. 

Snuggle Buddies 

Looking to double up on the cozy factor? Mather’s recommendation is to layer a chunky knit sock, but for kicking back and relaxing come the weekend, we’d also suggest a chic pajama set, a soft sweater, and a stylish alarm clock that won’t make you dread rolling out of bed Monday morning nearly as much as smashing the snooze button on your phone. 

How We Chose These Products

We asked our editors across commerce, style, and home what their favorite pair of slippers are and why. Their top picks include everything from traditional, hotel-like slip-ons to full bootie styles—and even a California-granola-warm alternative to a classic summer sandal. Some of our choices can even bridge the gap between indoors and out, meaning you never have to slip out of your comfort zone when going to run a quick errand. That’s why the majority on this list not only feature a supersoft lining and memory foam insole, but sport a solid outsole. 

Our Shopping Checklist


Most slippers are made from soft, cushy materials, like a cozy cocoon for your feet. But the best slippers are a combination of materials that are comfortable, breathable, and durable. Natural fibers—cotton, shearling, wool—typically check all these boxes. Much like Domino editors prefer wool blankets and cotton sheets, these same fabrics are great at keeping your toes warm and your feet insulated but not sweltering as a sleeping bag would. Sturdier outsoles to look for include cork and rubber (also referred to as TPR or EVA), which can offer a bouncier, cushier step.  


Our picks range from full-coverage boots to open-toe slides. We love a classic mule or clog look that will keep your heels free, as well as open-toe, sandal-like designs paired with crisscross straps or even those that buckle. We also have a couple of high-tops, but would argue all still fall under the house slipper category. Other popular styles include the wrapped shape of moccasins with a closed heel, flip-flop-y thongs, and simple slides—like the foamy pillow options that were one of 2020’s biggest trends. 


Not all slippers can simply be tossed in the wash and look brand-new, especially if the pair is made from a semi-delicate outer material like suede. Here, your best line of defense is being proactive (think: trying to keep your off-white shearling from discoloring by wearing them with socks). If they’re starting to look a bit worn, sprinkle on some baking soda and let it sit for a bit before brushing or vacuuming it up for a refresh. Or if you decide to venture outdoors with your slippers, spray on a protectant before doing so. Unfortunately, most slippers aren’t as durable as an everyday shoe, but our favorites definitely last longer than the average pair thanks to high-quality, firm soles. 

Ask Domino

Q: Is the best slipper size the same as my shoe size?

That really depends on the brand. Finding the right pair of slippers is sometimes trickier than sneakers or booties. In fact, some size options are as simple as the difference between small, medium, and large, rather than a universal shoe size. If this happens, you’ll want to make sure neither your toes nor your heel poke out from the slipper and that, when walking, both stay snug. Since the insoles and lining are often a softer material, it can be easier for your bare foot to slip out, so try going down a size if this happens to be a particular pain point. 

Q: Uh-oh! I spilled a couple drops of coffee on my slippers. What’s the best way to remove stains? 

This really depends on the material. Admittedly, slippers aren’t the easiest to wash, and coming into contact with food spillage can spell bad news, especially for suede styles. If this happens, blot up the liquid as soon as you can. Buff out the rest with a dry brush, then either dab on a one-to-one water-and-vinegar mixture or invest in a specialty cleaning kit

Q: I really don’t want slippers to be, er, slippery. Any advice on what to look for? 

If you’re worried about traction on a slick tile floor or rugless hardwood stairwell, look for a pair of slippers with extra-grip bottoms that are either all flat or have some indoor-outdoor traction. Also, getting the size right is crucial here; slippers in general are designed for ease of taking on and off, so give them a quick test-drive if possible before making your purchase. 

The Last Word

Not all slippers are made the same. Although originally designed to be worn purely indoors, the best slippers can provide a variety of functions, whether it’s keeping your feet warm during the winter, offering some much-needed arch support while tackling daily household chores, or simply mimicking your workday routine of putting something on your feet beyond a pair of fuzzy socks. Take it from us: The best slippers are those you’ll slide on and never want to take off.  

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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