Clogs Are Cool Again, & These 3 Clog Trends Are Surprisingly Wearable

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Some trends, like low-rise jeans, are divisive. The very thought of them—or worse, attempting to actually wear them—can cause an immediate visceral reaction. But trying bold trends can also have the opposite effect, making you feel unique, elevated and interesting. For me, part of what fuels confidence in an outfit is knowing that people will react strongly to it. Whether you love it or hate it, I’m at least making you feel something. Recently, I’ve been (literally) swept off my feet by a new divisive trend that’s picking up steam: clogs.

Clogs have been around since they originated in wooden form in the early 13th century Netherlands. It’s hard to believe that after 700 years, clogs still manage to go in and out of style. Though they have always been a practical gardening shoe, clogs are also now considered just as fashion-forward as they are comfortable, with the fashion world revamping them in a bevy of new iterations that, to be fair, look nothing like grandma’s gardening clogs (Although some do, and that’s also kind of the point).

I first took a liking to clogs when Acne Studios released a fur pair in the fall of 2021. Since then, I have noticed clogs popping up from lots of different designers in a range of price points. There are wooden versions with ’70s vibes, waterproof rubber iterations for daily wear, clogs in patterned fabrics, boucle textures and even animal prints.

Suddenly, I’m beginning to build my entire spring wardrobe around clogs. And it’s hard to decide on just one pair, because each style serves a different purpose. If you’re new to the cool world of clogs or unsure about the trend, I’d recommend picking one style to start with to get a feel for the shape.

Below, check out our top three clog categories, from platform to wooden to good ol’ rubber gardening clogs.

STYLECASTER | Clogs for Women

Courtesy of Simon Miller.

Platform Clogs

Platform clogs come in many forms. The purposefully-clunky style gives the same height-boosting impact as a lug-sole boot or high heel, but makes far more of a unique statement. Platform clogs seem to be the style-of-choice for designers this spring, and were a huge trend during New York Fashion Week.

Simon Miller is a designer leading the clog trend with multiple iterations of the bubble clog. This pair is made with vegan leather and comes in nine different colors and textures.


STYLECASTER | Clogs for Women

Courtesy of Mia.

Wooden Clogs

It only takes one scroll through Zara’s site to know the ’70s are cool again. Compliment your geometric-printed sets and bright mini skirts with retro-inspired wooden clogs. This style was considered essential footwear in the ’70s, then modeled after the fully-wooden clogs that originated in the Netherlands decades prior.

The modern version is more practical for everyday wear, often with a wooden heel and leather or suede uppers. These studded clogs by Mia check all of the ’70s-inspired boxes—plus, the block heel base makes them a great option for the office or a night out when you want a more boho feel.

STYLECASTER | Clogs for Women

Courtesy of UGG.

Rubber Clogs

Rubber clogs are the most practical version of the shoe, often associated with sunny days spent in the garden. While rubber clogs can absolutely be worn when watering plants, the material has gotten an upgrade as fashionable waterproof street style option.

Brands ranging from UGG to Gucci have released rubber clogs for spring, and I recommend trying them out because they are comfortable and easy to clean. They also pair well with casual or sporty clothing, so there’s room for styling exploration. I don’t even need to suggest pairing these waterproof UGG clogs with a sock, because they already come with a removable option built in!


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