It was chilly today.  I put "mow" on my to-do list and it took me until 4 o'clock to muster the determination to go out into the partly sunny chill to do the lawn.  The temperature eked up to 50 degrees and I spent an hour mowing the yard in jeans and a flannel shirt and didn't perspire, not much anyway, which isn't my usual mowing state.  But the job is done, the dandelions are mowed down, at least some of them are.  I could almost see my breath when I went out to take sunset pictures.  It's supposed to get down to 34 degrees overnight.  It's May, people, it's supposed to be in the 60s, inching up to the 70s by the end of the month.  Bah.

I finished the Purples Sock while I was procrastinating today.




The lilacs are opening.  They smell amazing.



And more of the fern fronds are unfurling.  I love watching them poke up in the center of last year's plant as little fists of green that hide down there, then extend, and unroll into beautiful fronds.

The male Downy Woodpecker came to the suet cakes a couple times today.  I keep hoping that the Hairy Woodpecker comes back.  It stopped for a very short time the other day but was too quickly gone for a picture.

Today's toss was a flannel shirt.

The prompt today asked you to list five uses for a plastic bag--and carrying things couldn't be one of the five.  I thought of using one to cover a jar top, cutting a bag into strips to be knitted or crocheted, laid down as a weed barrier under mulch, laid over the seat of a car to protect the upholstery if you're dirty or wet, and something else but I'm too lazy to go into the kitchen to see what it is.  Trust me, I had five uses that didn't involve carrying stuff.