Bing bong ...

Bing bong ...

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. Thank you for flying with Winwick Mum on flight 2019; we shall shortly be beginning our descent into the end of the year and hope that you have had a pleasant flight.

As promised, our flight has taken us past socks, no-nylon yarns, the vegetable patch, overgrown flower borders that are slowly starting to be tamed, free patterns which I love to share on the blog, more socks, some other knitting projects, more socks, walks with the dog and some unexpected detours, because that's the fun of the journey.

It has been particularly thrilling to fly through a brand new range ... of sock yarn ... and your welcome of the Winwick Mum Collection of West Yorkshire Spinners yarn has been so very much appreciated. I hope to have this route included in the Winwick Mum flight schedule for many years to come!

No flight is without turbulence and I hope that any you have experienced has been short-lived and that you have not required the use of the oxygen masks. Passengers may keep hold of any blankets or other projects that have provided joy, calm, security and well-being during the year as more projects will be made by the passengers of the next flight.

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