Back To Gray

It was sunny for about a minute when I got up this morning and then the clouds crowded in and the rest of the day was gray and dreary. It spit rain a little bit but not when the basement fixit guy was here looking at the window well situation. He thinks they can fix it so now I wait for an appointment and hope that the whole backyard doesn't swirl down into the hole before they get here.

The Cardinal is a regular visitor to the platform feeder and he also checks to see if anything good is on the ground. The female stops by too but she mostly stays up on the feeder.

Today's daily art page said to fill it up with all of the fruit I could think of. So I did. I started coloring the fruit that I'd drawn when I realized that it looked way better if I outlined it with the pen so I did that too. I am especially pleased with the trio of plums. Don't know why.

The next figure in the 3-D book was a Jiggling Jellyfish. It was easy and fun to draw. I also redrew the eye from the 10-Step book but I didn't take a picture of it again.

Tonight at Friday Night Knitting I worked on the Owl Sock. I'm not doing a pattern on the leg, just knitting around and around so there's very little if any thinking involved. My kind of knitting.

I spent a lot of the afternoon reading a book. It was lovely to just sit and read. I should do that more often.