And More Birds

I caught the Nuthatch today. With the camera, that is. I came back to the table, glanced outside, and there it was on the side of the platform feeder. Naturally I grabbed the camera and the darned thing moved to the tube feeder but I still got it. I like the streamlined shape of it although you can't really see it from this angle.

The female Cardinal spent some time on the feeder today too. I didn't see the male Cardinal but the female was there letting the House Finches and the Goldfinches and Chickadees have space while she was there.

There was a good sized group, um, flock of Mourning Doves around the base of the feeders too. They were there for quite a while when one lone Junco joined them. Usually the Juncos come in a small flock but this year I've just had single ones visit. I wonder if it's an outcast.

I drew an elephant today. For some reason I drew it going downhill. You can tell by the horizon line that I drew before I decided to rotate the picture to make the beast straight looking.

All of the visiting birds made it onto the gratitude page today. My red shoes did too.

I watched Hamilton this afternoon. It was interesting to get my history lesson in rap and song. While watching I managed to knit the second half of the Barn Owl Sock heel and I only goofed up once at the very beginning and had to tink (back up one stitch at a time) back 23 stitches to get myself on the right track.

Today's toss was a book of Writer's Pep Talks. The book has been rattling around here for years and I have yet to crack it open. It's a sign.

It was cold and windy today. I know that it didn't make it up to 20 degrees although it was sunny all day. Tomorrow it's supposed to get up into the mid to upper 40s. That's just nuts.