A bedside water carafe, a trivia game for the whole family and last minute gifts

A bedside water carafe, a trivia game for the whole family and last minute gifts

From CB: I love the dog poop bag holder thing that Hecate recommended. I didn’t know those existed before she featured them and they make it so much easier to finish the walk without having to hold the dog’s business or remember where I left the bag. For next year I ordered the Jeopardy daily calendar and the Audubon page a day calendar. I love desk calendars! Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A bedside water carafe set that can be used hot or cold

From CB: This small bedside water carafe is made of durable glass that can withstand extreme cold and heat. It holds about 17.5 ounces total and comes with a glass that doubles as a cover. It’s currently on sale for under $13 and would make a great gift or addition to a guest room. This has over 1,200 ratings, 4.5 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People say it looks fancy on their nightstand and that it makes a thoughtful gift. “Perfect for bedside table. I am very happy with it. Good price too.” “Was well packaged, just the right size. Not so big it doesn’t take up a lot of space.’

Solidify your cooking oil for easy disposal

From CB: Fry Away is a powder you add to cooking oil that turns it into a solid for easy disposal. Fry Away has over 3,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. This would be a unique gift for someone who fries things. People say that it really works and makes it easier to throw out oil than storing it in a jar. “It does what it says it will; turns liquid cooking oil almost instantly into a soft solid form that looks kind of like crisco so you can throw it into your garbage without making a mess.” “I’m always struggling with bacon grease, Fry Away has solved that problem. Works like a charm and bonus it’s environmentally friendly!” “I’ve deep fried turkeys for almost 20 years and always dread disposing of the oil without making a mess. This product is SO easy to use: stir it into the hot oil, walk away, come back when it’s completely cooled (I waited overnight) then scoop it into a lawn/leaf garbage bag.”

A hair serum that reduces drying time and leaves hair sleek

From CB: I asked my friend how she got her hair looking so great and she said that she uses Paul Mitchell Super Skinny. This product has a cult following for a good reason. It reduces drying time without being oily and leaves hair sleek and shiny. It has over 8,500 reviews, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women with both straight and curly hair swear by it. “I have used this product for years. Living in a humid coastal area means hair frizz. A little goes a long way. This product is worth every penny as it truly eliminates hair frizzies.” “I have used Skinny for years and love it!! I have thick, frizzy, curly, wavy hair and it helps calm my hair and helps define my curls and waves.”

A cute chakra bracelet would make a great gift

From Hecate: These chakra bracelets are nice little gifts for anyone you have left on your list. It’s cute and well priced at $11. It should be noted that at those prices, the beads are plastic, not actual stones. They come in a selection of colors like lapis, tiger’s eye and lava, all with an adjustable closure. It will come in time for Christmas and at that price, you can get a couple in case you need some last minute giveaways. Over 17,000 people reviewed the bracelet and ReviewMeta rated it 4.5 stars. They make for great conversation starters, “the bracelets are sturdy and stylish and great conversation pieces!” and “those who bought them confirm they make great gifts, “This was a gift for a friend and she loved it.” They also come with an additional cord in case yours breaks.

Novelty socks with fun sayings

From Hecate: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – socks make the best stocking stuffers. These popular ‘If you can read these’ socks make good stuffers or gifts. I love the I Can’t Get Up Right Now There’s a Cat/Dog On My Lap version. They are normally $18, but are $16 and will still arrive before Christmas. The socks are a blend of cotton, spandex and nylons, so they will stay up well. They are very popular with over 4,700 people giving them 4.7 stars and Fakespot gave them an A. Pretty much all the comments just say they are cute and comfortable. But most people who bought them for people said they loved them, “Gave these to a friend who has 2 cats that like to lounge on her bed. She really likes them — enjoys the humor of the socks & said they are very comfortable.” The socks are well padded as well, “Nicely padded sock for my granddaughter’s activities. Loved the Lhama design. Cute.”

A slim wallet for effortless organization

From Hecate: Normally I would say this is the perfect gift for him, but more and more women are getting on the slim wallet train. I recently got one because I can’t fit my book wallet in my evening clutches. So if you have anyone on your list that might be served from a tight but ample little wallet, this Travando comes in several colors and textures. It uses a quick access pocket in the front for your most used cards and a money clip on the inside, in case you still know someone who accepts money. And, it’s RFID protected so it’s a sleek and smart choice. It’s normally $35 but it’s only $22 right now. This puppy has over 100K reviews with ReviewMeta giving it 4.4 stars. People who bought it say it checks all the boxes, This purchase was a great one! It organizes all my cards and IDs. They are held securely, yet easily accessible.” Others said that even though it’s slim, it still holds a lot, “We loved the skinny profile unlike many others commonly seen. My husband fit a lot of things.”

A multigenerational trivia game for the whole family

From Hecate: I love trivia games. That’s my jam in games. And even though I enjoy wiping the board, my only issue with trivia games is they usually limit the age range with their subject matter. This particular family trivia game is specifically designed for multi-generations. It’s designed for Gens, Z, Y, X and Boomers so your whole family can play and have a fair shot at scoring points. And it will arrive before Christmas, so you have something to play with Grandma on Christmas Day. Plus it’s only $18. Over 2,000 customers gave the game 4.6 stars and Fakespot gave it an A. People who bought it loved that everyone could get involved, “This game was played at our annual family camping trip, which included people ages 9-70. There was something for everyone! Easy to play and fun for everyone!” And it’s flexible if you want to play with the rules to make it your own – those are the best kind of games, “We made up our own rules for this game and had a blast playing it… We love this game and I’m so glad I bought it.”

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