A Basement Find

It's a good thing that I'm taking tossing slowly or I wouldn't have found the five watercolor how-to books that I dug up in the basement this morning. I knew that I had a book or two, I wasn't expecting five. Now I have something to graduate to once I finish the last five two-page spreads in my sketchbook.

I jumped into one of the books, the simplest looking one, and practiced a variegated wash and some elementary shapes with washes. Not my finest hour. I'll do them again with less water and more control.

I also dug out the oil pastels and drew a little flower and bird just to play with them. I don't know what I'll do with them, if anything, because they smear if you don't fix them and I don't know how to do that. I suppose that there's something at Michaels for that.

It was a bird day! Both the male and female Cardinals came to the platform feeder one after the other. I also saw a Chickadee, a Nuthatch, and a Downy Woodpecker but didn't get pictures of those.



But I did draw them all on my gratitude journal page for today.

In the 3-D book I drew the last of the F figures. It's a furry foot that's getting ready to stomp on a little guy who's running away. Not bad.

I made supper tonight instead of microzapping something premade. WW Pad Thai. I found the recipe last week and had most of the ingredients on hand, just had to buy matchstick carrots, a red bell pepper, and a can of bean sprouts. It's a good thing that the sprouts taste good because I think they smell kind of yukky when you open the can. I rinsed them really well and they were fine. I was nervous about overcooking the rice noodles and think that I undercooked them but they tasted okay and I have four more servings to eat the next four nights. Plus my house smells like vinegar and fish sauce. I'm not sure I like it.

Last night I unearthed some more sock yarn and cast on another sock so I have something to knit later this week when I knit with friends. I decided to go down a needle size so it feels like I'm knitting with toothpicks but the last couple socks I knitted turned out a little roomy so I'm trying to fix that. Time will tell. Watch, this'll turn out too tight.

I didn't toss anything today because I was sitting paging through all those watercolor books.