A-B-C Cowl - free pattern

Imagine that you've got a ball of rather lovely sock yarn that you want to knit up into something to wear around your neck rather than your feet.  You've not got much time to spend on it so a new shawl is out of the question, and anyway, you could do with something that's easier to wear than a shawl as you might be doing a lot of moving about and it can get annoying to keep flipping the ends back over your shoulders (or is that just when I wear them?!).

What you really need is something that you can pull over your head, that arranges itself without the need for faffing in front of mirrors and trying to position a shawl pin using your reflection, and also knits up really quickly.  Oh, and something that you can adapt for any type of yarn that you might have in your stash, and something that's not complicated to knit - as easy as A-B-C, in fact ...  

What you need is the ...

A-B-C Cowl!

Well, would you look at that!  Quick to knit and faff-free to wear.  Perfect! Read more » #2019 #Tutorials
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