84 Funny Compliments To Make Your Crush Laugh

84 Funny Compliments To Make Your Crush Laugh

Nothing makes a person smile more than being given a compliment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s from a friend, partner, family member, work college, or even a complete stranger, compliments always go down well. This is especially true when it comes to your crush.

There is no easier way to let someone know you like them than by lavishing them with praise. It’s a great way to express how you feel and gives an indication of your intentions. You can mention their appearance, say a nice thing about their personality, or tell them about the admiration you feel for them. There are so many different ways to drop a good compliment into a conversation.

But saying the right thing isn’t always that easy. It only takes a wrong word or turn of phrase to change a loving compliment into an offensive or unusual remark that could damage your relationship with that person, or worse, impact their mental health. You don’t want to be handing out a backhanded compliment but a genuine compliment that reflects what you think about that person. 

The best compliments will not only turn your crush into a blushing mess but will also provide a few giggles. There’s nothing better than a funny compliment. This type of praise allows you to complement them while also offering up some laughs, and as we all know, laughter is an aphrodisiac

To make sure you are dishing out compliments that will have your crush swooning, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best funny compliments you can use. These will not only make your crush feel good about themselves but put a smile on their face and give them a good laugh. Also, remember to deliver these compliments while maintaining eye contact so your crush is fully focused on you. 

84 Funny Compliments To Make Your Crush Laugh


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1. Even if you were cloned, you’d still be one of a kind. And the better-looking one.

2. Your smile is proof the best things in life are free. 

3. Puppies and kittens probably share photos of you with one another in their very own social network.

4. I don’t think you’re clumsy. The floor and the walls are just really friendly to you.

5. Are you a beaver, because damn! 

6. If it was legal to marry food, I would still choose you over pizza.

7. It’s not easy to be me. Which is why I need you.

8. The only thing better than being friends with you, is being friends with a talking dolphin.

9. Your hair belongs in a shampoo commercial. 

10. I would love to spend every minute of every day with you, but some days I actually have to get stuff done.

11. You know, you’re almost as wonderful as cake. Almost.

12. I don’t have a favorite color, It’s pretty much whatever you are wearing.

13. You’re more fun than bubble wrap.

14. Talking to you is the best part of my day, aside from when I’m sleeping and when I’m eating.

15. I’m so comfortable with you that I consider you the human form of sweatpants.

16. You’re someone that I don’t want to punch in the face. 

17. I can never remember my dreams, but I assume you are always in them.

18. You’re my favorite drunken karaoke partner. 

19. You could be the leader of a cult.

20. I would still hang out with you even if you haven’t showered for days.

21. Thank you for being a patient person and avoiding running me over with your car.

22. You’re so adorable you could probably get away with murder.

23. When it comes to getting work done, I know I can count on you to not let me finish it.

24. If the last two people on earth were us, I would have no problem repopulating it with you.

25. You have a calming presence and a lot of people fall asleep near you.

26. You might be the primary reason for global warming. 

27. If they based a movie on your life it would win an Oscar because you are so incredible. 

28. Your extreme mental and physical appeal makes me want to live long and prosper. 

29. Looking like a complete idiot with you is really fun.

30. If you were a fruit you’d be a fine-apple. 

31. You’re more fun than a pool filled with colorful balls and candy.

32. I know it’s cheesy, but I think you’re grate.

33. You’re the only one I trust with my passwords. I’m not sharing them with you, but if you knew them, I wouldn’t change them. 

34. You’re such a darling that if I suddenly turned into a psycho-maniac murderer, I’d kill you last.

35. You inspire me and most likely strangers. Also, friends and stalkers. You are an inspiration to many.

36. I don’t know if sarcasm is a skill but you’ve certainly mastered it. 

37. Your face makes other people ugly.

38. I honestly think you can do anything you put your mind to. But I know what kind of thoughts you have, so maybe hold off on that for now.

39. You are awkward but in a cute way. Like an elevator ride but with puppies. 

40. If you knew how much I think about you, I would be very embarrassed.

41. Actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an incredible story.

42. You’re like the one sock that disappears. I don’t know what I did to lose you but I want you back.

43. I look at you the same way we all look at giraffes, which is basically like, “You are a magnificent creature.”

44. Your positive energy is so contagious it’s shocking. 

45. Our time together is like a nap. It doesn’t last long enough. 

46. Sometimes, when a brilliant idea pops into my mind, I run it by you to make sure it’s not super stupid, which is often the right thing to do.

47. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and from where I’m standing, you are the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen. 

48. I don’t believe half the bad things they say about you.

49. You are more unique and wonderful than the smell of a new book.

50. It’s too bad you don’t see what I see. If you did you’d smile and keep looking. 

51. The person who raised you deserves a medal for a job well done.

52. You know what? I just don’t know what’s it about you! You’re so irritating yet likable at the same time!

53. If there is one thing I like about you, it’s that I like more than one thing about you.

54. You could never be ice cream because you are so hot you’d melt. And because you’re a human. 

55. If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.

56. You’re like mathematics. You’re difficult at times but worth getting to know.

57. I’m always amazed by the things you don’t find embarrassing about me. 

58. You’re like a piece of furniture, you don’t do much, but are noticed when you’re not there.

59. Did you have plastic surgery to become that attractive?

60. I’m not drunk, just intoxicated by your presence. 

61. Damn, you aren’t just the meal… you’re the whole buffet.

62. You’re the nothing when people ask me what’s on my mind.

63. I could lay next to you forever. Or until we decide to eat. 

64. You have a unique set of skills that can somehow turn any situation into an awkward one.

65. So you think you look ugly today, eh? Well, guess what? You don’t look ugly to a blind person.

66. You are perfectly imperfect. And that’s just perfect.

67. On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re an 11.

68. You look like you were drawn by my dominant hand.

69. I’m so luckily that you’re not a drug. If you were, I would turn into an unreasonable addict, and then I’d have to go to rehab.

70. You know what’s awesome? Chocolate cake, oh, and your face.

71. In my eyes your imperfections are flawless. In other words, you’re perfectly imperfect. and that’s just… Perfect.

72. Every day without you is like a day without my phone, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

73. Your humor is like a dog whistle. It mostly goes undetected. But to those that get it, they really get it.

74. In a world full of bagels, you’re a doughnut.

75. You’re so sexy, children 17 and under aren’t even allowed to look at you without parental supervision.

76. Compared to what I would do for you, The Legend of Zelda is just child’s play.

77. You would make a really good drug dealer, you are so pure no one would even suspect anything.

78. Sorry for smiling so much, it’s just that seeing you improved my mood.

79. You make me do things that I don’t like to do. Like fall in love with you when I’m not ready to.

80. You look like what John Legend sounds like. 

81. I like you more than a Star Wars geek likes to talk about how much they dislike the prequel trilogy.

82. You may not be ridiculously good-looking, but you’re pretty damn close. As in super close!

83. I just want to hang out with you and do stupid stuff. 

84. You could be a part-time model!

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