7 Tips to Keep Your Laundry Room Organized

Let’s face it - doing laundry can be tedious. Most of the time, piles of dirty clothes are scattered across the room, mismatched socks disappear into the abyss, and messy detergent bottles are left out in plain sight. Whether you love doing laundry or not, laundry room organization is a must.

However, there are tons of simple ways to make laundry room organization more fun - from labeled mason jars to matching hangers. When you create a clean and inviting space, doing laundry will feel less like a chore and more like a relaxing treat.

1) Create a space to hang clothes that can’t go in the dryer
A space to hang delicate clothes that can't go in the dryer
Because many delicate fabrics can’t go in the dryer, it’s helpful to create a space to hang clothes that need to be air-dried. Drying racks are a useful solution that are light and easy to move around. Depending on the size of your drying rack, you can even make use of the empty space at the very bottom for more storage.

If you’re hoping to free up floor space, you can install a bar above your washing machine to hang delicate items. This can be as simple as installing an adjustable closet rod between two walls. With the rod conveniently placed above the washer, you can easily hang your clothing the second you take it out of the machine.

2) Buy matching hangers for a cohesive look
Matching hangers to hang your clothes
Nothing looks sloppier than hangers in different shapes and sizes on full display. For peak laundry room organization, find some matching hangers for a cohesive look. These hangers will keep your drying rack looking neat and clean. You can even grab hangers of the same size, color, or texture at the dollar store.

3) Use multiple laundry baskets to pre-sort clothes
Laundry baskets to sort dirty clothes
One of the most annoying parts about doing laundry is having to sort out the clothes. To make this process quicker, find multiple laundry baskets to pre-sort clothes based on color or fabric type.

You can create cute DIY labels for each basket by purchasing mini chalkboards and a paint pen from your local craft store. The signs will help everyone in the house know exactly where to put their clothes - so there’s no excuse to throw them on the floor!

If sign making isn’t really your thing, pick out laundry baskets that color coordinate with each clothing type. For example, grab a white basket for whites, a dark navy or black basket for dark colors, and something neutral for delicates.

4) A basket for mismatched socks
A basket to house lost socks
Where do socks go to die? The laundry, of course. But in the off-chance that they’re not actually gone forever, grab a separate basket to collect loose socks at the end of each cycle. Because let’s be real - most of the time, they’ll eventually find their match. This will also save you from having to run around the house to find a missing sock.

To make this a little more fun, you can visit your local craft store or dollar store to create a label for the basket. Altogether, the basket and sign we created were only two dollars! And if you want to make life even easier, you can simply label the basket with a piece of printer paper.

5) Use mason jars to store your laundry supplies
Mason jars can help make your laundry supplies look more organized
Mason jars are perfect when it comes to laundry room organization. These craft store staples give you more counter space and add a cute and sophisticated look to your laundry room. Not to mention - they're much nicer to look at than the torn-up boxes and clunky plastic bottles the products usually come in.

Like we suggested in some of our other tips, use small signs to label each jar for convenience and style. This is another project that can be completed using only dollar store finds!

6) Add counter space above the washer and dryer to fold
Easily fold clothes in your laundry room by installing a countertop
Is there anything more frustrating than having to find a clean space to fold your laundry? Lack of space is a major reason why many piles of clothes stay scattered in a laundry basket all week instead of folded neatly in a drawer.

One way to fix this problem is to add counter space above the washer and dryer to fold your clean clothes. Although this method only works for front-loading washers and dryers, it's an efficient way to fold clothes without having to move back and forth between different areas in your home. With a designated counter space in your laundry room, you’ll be able to fold clothes as they come out of the dryer.

If you have a top-loading or stackable washer and dryer, you can choose to add counter space next to the unit, or invest in a portable folding table. A folding table is the cheapest option and can easily be stored away when you’re finished with the laundry.

7) Install cabinets to hide your supplies
Cabinets make the room look less cluttered
Instead of leaving bottles of detergent out on full display, install cabinets to hide your supplies. This will eliminate clutter and create more space for you to work. Another bonus? Cabinets also help to keep your laundry and cleaning supplies out of the reach of children and pets.

These simple organization tips and tricks will make your laundry room a place you'll actually want to spend time in. Each tip is easy to recreate on your own (even if you're not crafty!) and will have you (gasp!) looking forward to laundry day.

To Sum Up

These simple organization tips and tricks will make your laundry room a place you'll actually want to spend time in. Each tip is easy to recreate on your own (even if you're not crafty!) and will have you (gasp!) looking forward to laundry day.