7 Popular Sneaker Trends You Need To Try In 2021

Do you love sneakers and want to learn more about what trends are going to be popular this year? There are several fads that you might be interested in. You might find inspiration to create new outfits of your own. If you want to learn more, be sure to stick around! 

Sneakers can be paired with anything today- dresses, skirts, shorts, and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your favorite outfits. However, many people enjoy being in on the latest trends. 2021 has many to pick from too! This article will go over all of the best sneaker trends you can expect to pop up during the rest of the year.

Retro Sneakers

Retro-like sneakers are making a comeback this year. The style has held strong since the start of 2021 and continues to do so. You can be sure retro kicks will be popular for the rest of the year.

Many of these retro sneakers have a modern “pop” that makes them stand out. For instance, the Wmns Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Court Purple’ takes on an iconic, familiar design, yet stands out with the colors it uses. They are great for making nostalgic looks.

If you want to make a throw-back outfit, then you should have comfortable sneakers to match! This trend is one of the best for 2021.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers have always been popular. However, many more people are choosing to wear these carefree sneakers this year. They look great with any outfit, making them versatile. Plus, canvas shoes come in a very wide range of colors.

These types of sneakers have been around for many years- and it’s no wonder why. They are versatile. Overall, if you want to make a relaxed and comfy look, then canvas sneakers are going to be a must.

Platform Sneakers

Today, you can find sneakers in all sorts of shapes and designs. The thick platforms are becoming more popular and are comfortable to walk in. Plus, if you want to feel a little taller, platform sneakers can add a few inches to your height.

There are several new kinds of experimental sneakers hitting the scene. You can find crazy designs, “sock” sneakers, and more. However, platform sneakers and wedge sneakers are some of the most popular options for many. This throwback design is perfect for making another classic, Retro outfit.

This type of shoe was popular back in the 70s, then again in the 90s. It only makes sense that they would surface again. 

Daily Designs

Photo by Sarah Mason on Unsplash

Of course, everyone needs a classic, everyday shoe to wear. Whether you are taking a walk or commuting to the office, there is a sneaker for you. White sneakers are the most popular since they can match any outfit.

For example, you can wear them with dresses or a simple jean and t-shirt combo. With fewer people leaving the house in 2021, having a simple shoe to wear each day without hassle is a must.

These everyday shoes are usually in a neutral color. The most popular ones are gray, beige, white, or other light colors. They don’t stand out enough to distract from the rest of your outfit, but still feel comfortable enough for all-day wear. If you know you have to be on your feet for long hours at a time, then this type of sneaker would be best for you.

Bright Running Shoes

Brightly colored designs are also becoming trendy in 2021. You can find running shoes in all sorts of colors. Neon pink to pastel blue- and everything in between is possible. You can coordinate them for a specific outfit or simply get a sneaker that has all of your favorite colors on it.

After being stuck at home for so long, more people are trying to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Having some quality running shoes can help you workout at your best. Even if you don’t run, having flexible sneakers is going to benefit you in many ways.

Plus, these bright designs tend to be more popular in running shoes. If you are looking for a new jogging shoe, why not get something that “pops”?

High Tops

With the return of classic designs, it makes sense that high-top sneakers make a comeback too. These designs are popular in classic sneakers, canvas shoes, and even chunky platforms. You can find high tops in just about any color scheme you want as well.

As part of Retro designs, basketball high tops are also making a comeback. Companies make these shoes to specifically handle the game’s intensity. You can find several cool and fun basketball shoes. They come in all sorts of colors, making it easy to get a style that you love.

A classic high top can be worn with just about any outfit. You will have fun mixing and matching clothing pieces and finding something that feels natural to you. Overall, high tops are fun, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this 2021 trend!

Fuzzy Sneakers

With winter just around the corner, many people are choosing to wear fuzzy sneakers. The soft material can be either on the inside or outside, but both options are very comfy. There are faux wool or real wool materials for you to choose between as well.

Boots might not have the treads you need to stay stabilized on icy patches. However, sneakers always have the perfect bottoms 

Be Yourself and Express Your Sneaker Style!

Shoes are all about self-expression. If you can find a sneaker you love, then be sure to wear it often! Sneakers can match any outfit and are the perfect footwear for moving around. They also come in plenty of colors and designs- so you can have your pick!

These trends popped up in 2021 and are likely to stick around for a while. Basketball shoes, high tops, and comfortable daily sneakers are what you can expect to see the most this year. After all, who doesn’t love a comfy pair of Retro sneakers?

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