5 Tips For Making Work Footwear More Fashionable

Can work footwear be fashionable?

Yes, it can. You just have to know who you’re working for and what your employer categorizes as work shoes. We’ll cover this a bit later, but once you have this down, the possibilities of stylish footwear are endless!

Here are 5 tips on making your work shoes comfortable and fashionable for you: 

Consider Your Works Dress Code  

One of the first things to do when coming into a new job is figuring out if there’s a dress code.  

If your work determines a specific shoe is necessary for safety, such as in the restaurant and construction industries, they likely have recommendations as to where to shop. This doesn’t mean the shoe has to be unappealing. Many industries have specific suggestions for work footwear that offer a variety of styles.  

If they don’t, then you want to determine what type of shoe can bring you the level of comfort necessary to perform your job duties. The Footwear 4 Workers website gives useful tips to follow for cushioning, support, traction, slip resistance, and other aspects of footwear according to job function.  

Comfort First!  

Next, it’s up to you to decide how to be the most comfortable while being fashionable. Here’s the trick: we all have that one pair of shoes that we can’t live without. You know the one: it hurts, but it looks good.  

Well, two things:  

  • If this is the pair you want to wear, make them comfortable. Go to your foot physician and ask for a shoe insert suggestion. Plenty of inserts out there make uncomfortable footwear better.   
  • Or, if you don’t want to go with inserts, look for a shoe that’s similar to your uncomfortable but good-looking shoe, in a more comfortable style. For example, flight attendants don’t always wear high heels, but they wear a similar version of a nice, flatter shoe. Just be attentive with flat shoes, flat isn’t always best.  

Why Flat Isn’t Always Best 

Foot health doesn’t necessarily mean wearing flats. What it really means is wearing a shoe that works with your feet, that doesn’t hurt your feet, and that supports your feet. This isn’t always the case with flats.  

Just like our fingerprints, our feet are different. Not one foot is the same as another. This is why it’s important to pay attention to what your feet are saying if they’re hurting. Many people think the answer to shoe pain is a flat shoe and, while a flat may bring temporary relief, it’s only half the story. Eventually, even with flats, your feet may hurt again.  

If your foot hurts no matter the shoe, contact your physician. There are foot conditions that can’t be resolved by self-diagnosing.  

Say Goodbye to Shoes That Hurt You  

Let’s make this simple: If your work shoes are hurting you, don’t ignore the pain! Your foot is trying to tell you something. When you buy new footwear, you likely experience a period of adjustment, but this is different than pain.  

Foot pain includes Plantar Fasciitis, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is one of the common causes of heel pain. If this is something you’re experiencing, time to give your medical professional a ring.   

If you’ve bought the shoe because it’s cute and you love it, but it hurts, time to try again. Don’t risk your foot health for a cute shoe.  Sometimes all you need is the right pair of socks to make a pair of shoes go from unbearable to wearable! Keysocks let you wear sock-free styles in comfort.

If You Stand for Work… 

There are usually two situations to this scenario:  

  • Your work asks you to be in professional attire, which means you can’t wear sneakers. The number one thing to do here is to ask your job for their best recommendation. If you’re expected to stand and look good, then take care of your feet.  

There is probably a program your employer goes through. If they don’t, ask your co-workers for advice. We can’t emphasize foot health enough. Do not hit the pavement for eight hours, being uncomfortable.  

  • Another scenario could be that your work doesn’t mind that you wear comfortable footwear. If this is the case, there are plenty of good options. Getting a good-looking shoe that will best support your work hours is a step away. Walk into your local shop, try the fit, and see the style. If they don’t have your size, they can likely order it for you.    


Work footwear can most certainly be stylish whether your company allows you to wear your own or not. There are great choices for shoe fashion out there; just be sure your foot health isn’t compromised by it. 

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