20 Problems for Short Girls

Problems for short girls are never ending.

Being vertically challenged does have its perks but most of the time, we face having to think outside of the box when confronted with tall cabinets and buying jeans to fit our stumpy legs.

It’s all fun and games… until you fall off the top shelf for the first time.

1. All of us shorties face this dilemma at some point in our lives. We risk our lives trying to reach for that one packet of caster sugar.

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2. I only leave old open packets of spaghetti and rice on the top shelves to avoid this as much as possible.

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3. Reaching for that last little sock in the bottom of the washing machine.

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4. It never stops. People will always do this so just get used to it.


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5. Especially in public places, you find yourself jumping around like a looney to get a glimpse of your hair.

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6. Hey, the plus side is we can always hem the jeans to fit!

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7.  A top priority that is always in the back of your mind when falling in love…

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8. Eventually, we develop super quick dodging reflexes for moments like these.

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9. This probably has to be the biggest downfall and danger of being vertically challenged.

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10. Seriously, we’re serious!

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11. This is so relatable. Everyday of my life.

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12. I need a pair of these bad boys…

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13. Yes. Very much so.

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14. I have to use floaties so I’m not constantly treading water whilst everybody else is comfortably standing.

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15. The struggle is real!!!


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16. The disappointment when your legs fling up and down missing the foot rest and you’re just left there swinging about.

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17. It hurts…

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18. We need kisses too…

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19. When you start thinking about how you can cut clothes with your scissors at home to make them fit…

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20. This.

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Can you relate to these short girl problems?

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