10 Baby Shower Games Your Friends Will Love

Baby shower games get your guests laughing and chatting, especially if you step up your party game with these creative and clever activities. Bonus: Add to the fun with these printable party games of bingo, Mad Libs and more!

ABC Baby Book

The prize for this game goes to the mom-to-be, who gets a homemade alphabet book crafted by her guests. Let guests choose what image to draw for each letter or, if you think they'll want inspiration, choose a theme for the book (it can even match the shower theme). Stop by the cuppacocoa blog for a free template and full instructions.


Baby Guess Who?

Maximum fun with minimal prep work: Guests send along baby photos of themselves prior to the shower, and you print them up, number each one, and create a display on a wall or table. Print out numbered sheets where guests can try to match each guest to a cute baby picture. The person who matches the most is the winner! The Working Moms Against Guilt blog has a step-by-step guide for creating this game and a free printable to go along with it.

Year One Bucket List

There are so many wonderful things parents can do with their baby in the first year, but it can be hard to remember to do them. Have guests write down one first-year bucket-list item on a note card and drop it in a bucket, basket or jar for the mom-to-be to take home. Encourage guests to include both little and big moments, from blowing bubbles with baby to taking them to the zoo.

Clothing Decorating Station

Fill up babys wardrobe with customized outfits using blogger Lovely Indeeds decorating station idea. Provide solid-colored baby clothes in a variety of styles and sizes, fabric markers, iron-on designs, and an iron. Your fashionista friends will have fun designing these tiny outfits, and will love seeing baby wear them.

Wishes for Baby

Ask every guest to share a wish for the new baby in this sweet idea from the Art Bar blog. Use pastel card stock and the blogs free animal templates, or use scrapbook paper and your own shapes for the wish cards. Hang ribbon and small clothespins on the wall so guests can post their wishes so everyone can read them.

Candy in a Baby Bottle

For a super easy game, fill baby bottles with a set amount of small candies. Place a bottle at each table with a note that asks guests to guess the number of candies. This game doubles as an icebreaker as tablemates try to figure out the exact number. At each table, the person with the closest guess can win the candy or another prize.

Play-Doh Babies

In this game from the Every Pot and Pan blog, each guest gets a container of Play-Doh and 15 minutes to sculpt a baby. Let the mother-to-be pick her favorite to win a prize.

Hand-Crafted Baby Blocks

Shower guests can show off their artistic sides with We Heart Parties DIY baby block idea. Provide blank wooden blocks, markers and stickers and let your guests get creative. Mom-to-be can pick her favorite for a prize or hold a random draw. After the party, paint the blocks with a natural wood varnish for a one-of-a-kind gift for baby.

Children's Book Quiz

For a book-loving mom-to-be, set up a quiz with trivia from classic childrens books, like this one from the Devourer of Books blog. Or, create a fill-in-the-blank quiz with titles of childrens books. To keep with this theme, ask guests to bring a book with a personalized inscription to fill up babys bookshelf.

Match the Socks

All you need to play this game are a bunch of new baby socks in different colors, patterns, and sizes and a cute laundry basket. Throw the unpaired socks into the basket, set a timer, and have each guest match as many as they can in one minute. Mom-to-be gets a laundry basket and a great sock collection for baby, and your friends get a workout and a lot of laughs.

Katie L. Carroll

featured image: StockSnap via Pixabay


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