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Sock Organizer for Laundry and Storage

Sock Organizer for Laundry and Storage

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The quest for your missing socks has finally come to an end!

This Sock Organizer for Laundry and Storage will make organizing socks so easy!

Whether it’s a huge family in your household or just you, this sock organizer will make sure you won't lose your pairs again in the laundry or in your drawer. 

  • An Instant Hanging Sock Rope that neatly and steadily holds any pair of socks into a single file –simply hang it in your closet!

  • With clever adjustable sliding locks that can hold up to 10 pairs of socks! Just place in your matching pairs and slide the locks to fasten them together securely

  • No more lost socks in the washing machine or dryer! This sock organizer is safe for washing and keeps your favorite socks in place.

  • Fits any sizes and comes in different colorful ropes to pick!

  • Lock and hang your scarves, gloves, underwear and more!

Toss them in the laundry and they'll come out all clean, neat and organized! No more sorting and looking for the right match, for your socks at least. Try it NOW!


Capacity: Holds 10 pairs of socks 

Available Colors: Random

Package Inclusion: 1 x Sock Organizer

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