When it’s time to replace an old, saggy mattress, I have been guilty of hiding behind a haze of denial

I have always hated shopping for mattresses, feeling pressured to choose an expensive one in a traditional bedding store, and feeling like there are too many options for me. I’ve learned that, by researching online, I can cover a lot more ground in a much shorter time.

That endeavor recently led me to a trial of the Amerisleep mattress line up. This manufacturer has gone far in the industry, creating a full line of bed-in-a-box mattresses that are touted to be great at reducing heat retention, easing pressure points, and offering enough difference that almost anyone could enjoy one of those mattresses. I decided to test that theory for myself.
most popular Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep Mattresses are good for any sleep position with a variety of models available.
View Deal The Beginning
The company was founded in 2010, with the goal in mind to create a mattress that hit several points of interest in the industry: eco-friendly production, high performance and comfort, affordable pricing, and a product that made it easier to shop and find the perfect sleep. The founders partnered with experts in the industry and engineers, developing Bio-Pur, a memory foam product that checks off all the boxes. It’s breathable, eco-friendly, and responsive. In addition, sourcing FDA determined technology in the sourcing of the cover material results in a more restful sleep and promotes recovery of the muscles and joints throughout the night.

In a very short time, Amerisleep has become one of the premium sources of bed-in-a-box products, and they’ve climbed higher than several other companies in the market with their presence online and the ease with which you can purchase the many products they’ve developed.

The Details

Amerisleep offers five different mattress models, all considered to be luxury memory foam products. Formerly, they each carried a different name but have been relabeled with a ‘code’ name.

AS1 (formerly Americana) – a combination of memory foam and polyfoam, with a polyester and Celliant blend cover, measuring 10 inches thick. AS2 (formerly Revere) – three layers, including memory foam, Surface Modification Technology polyfoam, and high-density polyfoam, measuring 12 inches thick. AS3 (formerly Liberty) – similar to the AS2, but with the Surface Modification Technology polyfoam being contoured for different support features, measuring 12 inches thick. AS4 (formerly Colonial) – constructed much like the AS2 and AS3, with different thicknesses for each layer that gives it a different feel, measuring 12 inches thick. AS5 (formerly Independence) – also consisting of three layers of foam, with a different thickness and density that makes this the softest mattress in the lineup, and also the deepest, measuring 14 inches thick.
With the line of Amerisleep mattresses, you get the same cover material, which is durable, soft, and breathable. You’ll also find that the firmness of the Amerisleep is higher with the lower numbers and softer as the number increases. They get high ratings for durability, motion isolation, and noise control, with additional benefits regarding the contouring ability. But I wanted to determine for myself just how each of these mattresses sleep, so I opted to try them.
most popular Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep Mattresses are good for any sleep position with a variety of models available.
View Deal Initial Impressions
I’m a rather light person, and I found that, as a back sleeper, the AS1, AS2, and AS3 were great for me. They are the firmer models, with firm, medium-firm, and medium feels respectively. The AS4 is medium soft, and the AS5 is soft, and I sunk in a little too far on these for my liking. However, side sleepers will likely appreciate both of these, and if you move around in your sleep, switching positions, you’ll really like the AS3 or AS4. Stomach sleepers should probably stick with the AS1 or AS2. I found that, when I flipped to my stomach as I sometimes do, these were the most comfortable.

I also enjoyed that these mattresses didn’t have a lot of heat retention, which I’ve come to expect from memory foam. With the polyester blend covers, there was a lot of breathability, heat dispersal, and moisture-wicking that made the mattress comfortable through the night and kept me from overheating, something I’m prone to.

I didn’t get any real off-gassing upon opening the mattresses, which was a relief since so many bed-in-a-box mattresses have a horrible smell initially. I also found that edge support is exceptional for this style of mattress, in all the models, since memory foam tends to have issues with maintaining support when you sit or lie on the edge of the mattress. Lastly, this bed only took seconds to set up. Once I removed the vacuum-sealed plastic, the bed unrolled and expanded immediately. Overall, I was fairly impressed with the entire line of Amerisleep mattress products, even those that didn’t suit my particular sleep style.
most popular Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep Mattresses are good for any sleep position with a variety of models available.
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While the materials in each of the Amerisleep mattress models are similar, the construction varies to achieve the different feels. The AS1 has two layers, while the other four models each have three layers in varying thicknesses and densities to create an array of products.

Amerisleep uses very specific materials for their line of mattresses, as well, to remain environmentally friendly and chemically safe for use. The Fire Guard doesn’t employ chemicals but rather uses natural materials – silica (sand) and rayon (manmade from wood pulp) to create a fire sock, which will melt in the event of a fire and smother any flames. Bio-Pur Foam is a type of memory foam that is custom formulated to create a great support system for the body while remaining cooler than the average memory foam mattress.

SMT, or Surface Modification Foam technology involves a rolling process during manufacturing that creates channels in the bottom of the foam for even greater airflow. It’s also a process that improves the contouring ability of the foam for pressure point relief. It’s employed on some of the higher-end mattresses made by Amerisleep.

The Bio-Core foam base is a foundational polyfoam that is denser and helps create a sturdy base for all the mattresses in the Amerisleep line. And all of the construction is done through what they call the VPF (variable pressure foaming) process. That means that, when Amerisleep manufactures your mattress, it’s in a controlled, closed environment, where fewer pollutants are able to get into the air space. Typically, memory foam is constructed in open-air facilities. By closing off the facility, Amerisleep has been able to create larger pockets for greater airflow without the risk of allergens and toxins entering into the works.

So, how do the Amerisleep mattress models stack up to each other?
AS1 – 2 inches of Bio-Pur memory foam comfort layer, 8 inches of Bio-Core high-density polyfoam base layer AS2 – 2 inches of Bio-Pur memory foam comfort layer, 3 inches of transitional Affinity layer foam, 7 inches of Bio-Core high-density polyfoam base layer AS3 – 3 inches of Bio-Pur memory foam comfort layer, 2 inches of transitional Affinity layer foam, 7 inches of Bio-Core high-density polyfoam base layer AS4 – 4 inches of Bio-Pur memory foam comfort layer, 1 inch of transitional Affinity layer foam, 7 inches of Bio-Core high-density polyfoam base layer AS5 – 3 inches of Bio-Pur memory foam comfort layer, 2 inches of Active Flex memory foam responsive layer, 2 inches of transitional Affinity layer foam, 7 inches of Bio-Core high-density polyfoam base layer
All of the mattresses come with a removable cover, made of a blend of polyester and Celliant, which gives the material a great deal of breathability and moisture-wicking ability, as well as softness that is hard to ignore. I found the construction of the cover to be pleasant, with a soft feel and an ability to disperse heat so that there were no ultra-hot spots. Overall, I found myself satisfied with the construction, durability, and several of the benefits offered by the Amerisleep mattress lineup.
Features and Benefits
What I like most about Amerisleep is that they offer such a broad range of mattresses, so I was able to find the right mattress for my needs. Overall, as a back sleeper, I preferred the medium-firm AS2 model. However, the complete line stretches across every level of firmness, and that allows for people with all sleep preferences to find a mattress that meets their needs.

I also liked how the mattresses stay cool through the night. Memory foam sleeps hot, unless it’s infused with gel or copper or some other type of cooling element. While this isn’t how the memory foam in the Amerisleep mattresses is configured, they do have the mattress cover that, with Celliant and polyester in the material blend, it works to keep the surface of the mattress cool to the touch. I never felt like I overheated, and I never noted any wetness from night sweats, which I suffer from on occasion.

I also suffer from shoulder and back pain, and I noted that the contouring of the Amerisleep mattress to my sleep position lessened my aches and pains in the morning. I could move with greater ease when I first got out of bed, and that was quite a relief.


Although I tested the Queen size, Amerisleep mattresses cover the bases in terms of assuring that all consumers can find the right feel, regardless of preferred sleep position, but they also make sure that you’ll find the right size for your needs. The models come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, so they can sleep one or two people and fit into any bedroom. Because the thickness of the mattresses doesn’t exceed 14 inches, even with the luxurious softness of the AS5, you don’t have to shop for special deep pocket sheets. All the models will fit standard sized sheets with ease, making the shopping experience less of a hassle.
Size Dimensions Price Twin 38” x 74” Check price Twin XL 38” x 80” Check price Full 54” x 75” Check price Queen 60” x 80” Check price King 76” x 80” Check price Cal King 72” x 84" Check price
Heat Transfer

The cover on every Amerisleep mattress is constructed from a blend of polyester and Celliant. Celliant is a highly advanced type of thread that is constructed from minerals with thermo reactive properties. These properties allow the heat that you transfer into your mattress as you sleep to turn into infrared light that is dispersed, leaving the space where you sleep cooler overall. An additional benefit is that, when that infrared light is emitted, it helps improve oxygenation and airflow through the musculoskeletal system, leading to more energy and fewer aches and pains.

I found that the Amerisleep mattresses do sleep quite cool, with my experience similar to when I’ve slept on a memory foam mattress infused with gel or a spring mattress with copper. I was never too hot, didn’t sweat as much as I usually do at night, and found that I was less achy in the morning.


Even before testing, the mattresses I tested from Amerisleep seemed quite sturdy and durable. Sitting on the edge, I felt supported, which told me that the framework of the overall mattress was durable, and while firmness varied by model, I found that support and responsiveness didn’t change much. Even the softest mattress (the AS5) allowed for some response so that I didn’t sink too deep, and the firmest (the AS1) had just enough give that I didn’t feel like I was ‘riding’ on top of the mattress but rather ‘floating’ on it, which is how a firm mattress should be.
most popular Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep Mattresses are good for any sleep position with a variety of models available.
View Deal Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty
With Amerisleep mattresses, you’ll find that all the foam is made of plant-based material, which is an added bonus to the purchase. I admittedly go for comfort first, but if I’m comparing two products that are similar in comfort and price but discover that one is eco-friendly, I’ll make the environmentally sound decision.

With a removable cover, maintenance is a breeze. You can wash and even dry (on low heat) the mattress cover on all the Amerisleep mattresses, though hanging to dry is recommended for longevity of the life of the cover. Should anything actually get through the cover onto the mattress, you can spot clean with soap and water. I wouldn’t recommend using chemicals, especially since the manufacturer has worked so hard to assure that the mattresses are practically chemical-free.

You get a 90-night trial of any Amerisleep mattress. This is a bit of a disadvantage over so many other brands of bed-in-a-box mattresses now, with a number of other lines offering 120 nights or more. However, I felt that the break-in period on these mattresses was short (less than a month), so it was easy to determine if the mattresses worked for me within that 90-day period.

If you do decide to return the mattress within the 90-day trial period, you’ll get a full refund. However, you are responsible for the cost of the return shipping or mailing. If you choose your mattress model based on your preferred sleep position or loft (firmness), you’ll likely find it more than satisfactory and not have to worry about returning the product, since they do ‘sleep as described’.

And keeping the mattress offers you an incredible warranty. Amerisleep has a 20-year warranty on all of their mattresses, with the first 10 years providing complete replacement coverage and the next 10 years prorated. You won’t find that sort of confidence in a mattress with most manufacturers.
most popular Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep Mattresses are good for any sleep position with a variety of models available.
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Pricing is always a necessary thought when buying a mattress, and it’s important to remember that you often get what you pay for. That being said, Amerisleep mattresses are considered to be more of a luxury line than a basic mattress, with so many bonus features and a great reputation. So, while you get a great value for the price, these are definitely priced on the low end of the scale. Pricing varies by size and model, but to give you a good idea of what you’ll pay here’s a rundown of the cost of a queen-sized mattress.
Amerisleep AS1 – check price Amerisleep AS2 – check price Amerisleep AS3 – check price Amerisleep AS4 – check price Amerisleep AS5 – check price Reviews and Feedback
Most of the reviews tout the incredible commitment of the Amerisleep manufacturer to creating mattresses that relieve back and joint pain. However, there are a few who are displeased with their purchase, though after reading the review, it seems like these people may have ordered the wrong version of the mattress.

For myself, my preference is for a firm bed, and I feel that each model sleeps just as it’s described, so there should be no reason for ordering the wrong version of the Amerisleep mattress. In addition, weight does matter. For those who have a heftier build, it might be good to consider a model slightly firmer than your normal order to get the right feel. Otherwise, I find no real complaints and have none myself.
Who Would We Recommend the Amerisleep For?
If you:
Sleep hot Suffer from joint or muscle pain, especially in the morning Want the luxury afforded by the specialized construction of the Amerisleep
You’ll be happy with this product. You’ll need to figure out the right firmness and be sure to order the right mattress from the lineup, but you can definitely feel confident in your purchase.
Our Final Verdict

Overall, at first glance, the Amerisleep lines of mattresses seem a bit overpriced. However, the more you read about their construction and how there are reduced chances of pollutants or chemicals being caught within its material, the more it begins to make sense. While there is no rooftop overhead, there is some cost in the creation of the mattresses.

And after testing all five lines, I found nothing in the actual product that concerned me about the mattresses. They are durable, sturdy, comfortable, and don’t take a long time to off-gas and fill. They don’t have harsh chemical smells, they are excellent for heat dispersal and breathability through the night, and they come with incredible coverage. With the ease of care, I can easily forgive the slightly high price, feeling that it’s worth being able to trust in my mattress to keep me satisfied and last for 20 years means that I’m willing to pay the price for it.
most popular Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep Mattresses are good for any sleep position with a variety of models available.
View Deal FAQs: Is a mattress cover needed?
The Amerisleep mattresses come with a removable mattress cover, so you don’t need to purchase one separately.
How does the returns process work?
The Amerisleep line comes with a 90-night sleep trial, and if you aren’t happy with your mattress after that time, you can return for a full refund, though you are responsible for the cost of shipping.
Where can these mattresses be shipped?
An Amerisleep mattress is traditionally available for free delivery within the contiguous United States. However, upon request, delivery can be arranged to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico.
Is the loft adjustable?
No; however, there are 5 models with different lofts ranging from soft to firm, so ordering the proper mattress is essential to meeting your needs.
What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?
Hot sleepers and those with joint or muscle pain.
Amerisleep Mattress Heat Retention Quality/Durability Loft (inches) Edge Support Off-gassing Value (Price) 90-night trial Refunds 20 warranty; full replacement 10 years, prorated additional 10 years 4.7
Best for what sleep position?

Amerisleep mattresses are good for any sleep position with a variety of models available.


Cover – Polyester/Celliant blend

Fill – Bio-Pur memory foam, Affinity memory foam layer, Active Flex memory foam layer

Base – Bio-Core base polyfoam

Has specialized design plus moisture wicking and heat dispersing cover for cooler sleep 5 models for a variety of loft One of the longest and most complete warranties in the industry
May be too expensive for those on a tight budget Short trial period compared to others in the industry
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