What I Wore Today Working from Home: Kevin, Analytic Consultant

What I Wore Today Working from Home: Kevin, Analytic Consultant

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Welcome to “What I Wore Today Working from Home.” AKA, WIWTWFH (pronounced: wee-WIT-wu-fuh). A series on, you guessed it, who wears what to work, when working, or NOT working, from home. Y’know, to help put you in the right frame of mind for your work (day job or self-improvement) when stuck inside for the next few weeks. Would you like to be featured? See the bottom of this post for instructions.

About the Author: Kevin S. is an analytic consultant working remotely for the foreseeable future and also an occasional writer in Northern California who lives part-time with his three kids and full time with his cat.

The Sweater: L.L. Bean Shawl Collar Cardigan – $149. Sometimes you get cold (even here in California). And, sometimes you have the dreaded video conference. Instead of reaching for that tattered hoody, put on a smart and cozy sweater. I’m wearing a Brooks Brothers cable version in the top pic, but they seem to be out of charcoal gray. This LL Bean option is a fine alternative, plus, it’s washable!

The Watch: Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic – $575. Field watches began as standard issue gear to soldiers during World War II so “the watch that won the war” is probably good enough to get you through working from home. One of the companies that contracted to provide those watches still manufactures them – the storied American brand Hamilton which is currently made in Switzerland. I wear this watch nearly every day and it never looks out of place.

The Sweatshirt: Todd Snyder + Champion Lightweight Pocket Sweatshirt – $98. It looked great on Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. The simple, well cut sweatshirt is comfy and will only look and feel better with age and wear. It’s not the same as wearing a button down shirt to the office but definitely a step above a shlumpy old t-shirt. Made in Canada too.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Standard Belt – $84 w/ SHOPSMALL ($105). A solid pair of jeans needs a solid belt. Timeless design and it will only get better with age. And you’ll have it for decades. Made in the USA.

The Shoes: Minnetonka Classic Moc – $63.95. Though I like the idea, I’ve had terrible luck finding decent slippers. They either provide no traction, therefore taking your own life in your hands on hardwood floors, or alternately they’re cheap grandpa appropriate plastic soled monstrosities. These moccasins are comfy, stylish in a throwback way, and the soles will keep you vertical on slick indoor surfaces as well as being sturdy enough for those rare occasions when you actually leave the house.

The Socks: Fox River Red Heel Socks – $13.79. Everyone knows you can make sock monkeys with these but have you ever actually worn them? Surprisingly comfy and rugged. And a conversation starter if anyone spots you in them without shoes. Also made in the USA.

The Jeans: Levi’s 513 in Bastion – $40ish. I appreciate good raw denim but for sitting at my desk at home (and occasionally breaking up the tedium with some home improvement projects) these are my go-tos.

This is Coco. Coco likes having her human around more,
but if he thinks he’s gonna start using her litter box (toilet paper shortage and all),
he’s got another thing coming.

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