What I Wore Today Working from Home: Adam, “Minimalist Casual”

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Welcome to “What I Wore Today Working from Home.” AKA, WIWTWFH (pronounced: wee-WIT-wu-fuh). A series on, you guessed it, who wears what to work, when working, or NOT working, from home. To help keep you on track with your work (day job or self-improvement) when stuck inside for the next few weeks, this is a series on how to dress at home to put you in the right frame of mind. Would you like to be featured? See the bottom of this post for instructions. 

About the Author: Adam Terry is Dappered’s resident shoe and denim nerd. He’s a thirtysomething Technical Trainer in the heating and manufacturing industry. He enjoys bourbon, boots, sneakers, raw denim, and being a dad!

What I Wore Today Working from Home: Adam,

The Sweater: Todd Snyder + Champion Made in Canada Lightweight Pocket Sweatshirt – $98. Like Jason P. mentioned in his WIWTWFH, sweaters (and sweatshirts) are great for being stuck in the house as they are easy to throw on or take off as the temps change throughout the day. I like mine in a slightly loose or relaxed fit where you still look put together like you give a damn. A hundred bucks isn’t cheap, but Todd Snyder runs $100 off $300 codes from time to time (check your snail mail catalog if you get one). So, if you have your eye on something pricier, in that $200+ range, then adding this and using one of those codes means you’re sitting solid. (Note: The actual sweatshirt I’m wearing is from Snake Oil Provisions from 2017, but it’s sold out and will not be restocked. Bummer.)

The Tee: J. Crew Garment-Dyed Slub Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt$15.93 w/ SUNNY ($29.50). A crisp white tee with a little bit of slub texture fits and feels great underneath a simple sweatshirt. This is a “timeless” look that will probably never go out of style.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Standard Belt – $105. Buy once, cry once. This belt beats the pants (and belt?) off the infamous Gap basic belt (Editor’s Note: How dare you) and, if taken care of, will last you a lifetime. It is worth it!

The Jeans: UNIQLO Stretch Selvedge Slim-Fit Jeans in Black – $49.90Selvedge can get pricey. Very pricey. If you’re not a huge denim-nerd, then sticking with something more reasonably priced like UNIQLO is the way to go. 4.5/5 stars after 70 reviews. Even the denim nerds like this stuff.

The Socks: Darn Tough ¼ Sock Light – $17. After a decade of wearing through craptastic socks from a handful of big-name athletic brands, I stumbled upon Darn Tough and haven’t looked back. Life’s too short to wear bad socks that won’t stay up, start pilling, or get holes after just a wash or two. I’ve switched to Darn Tough socks exclusively and always recommend them. Made in the USA. Crafted from anti-microbial and funk fighting merino wool. Lifetime warranty!

The Shoes: Converse Interstellar Chuck Taylor All Stars$49.97 ($70). These sleek suede Chucks are blacked out and almost sold out, but don’t fret. You can easily swap out these for anything similar within your budget. Like Vans? Try the Sk8-His. Like Adidas? Try the Iniki 5923s.

This is Lucy. She likes the new kid, but she thinks she’s a far better coworker.
For example, unlike new-kid, Lucy poops outside.

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