What I Wore to Today Working from Home: Justin, Teacher (& sometimes Beef Man)

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Welcome to “What I Wore Today Working from Home.” AKA, WIWTWFH (pronounced: wee-WIT-wu-fuh). A series on, you guessed it, who wears what to work, when working, or NOT working, from home. Y’know, to help put you in the right frame of mind for your work (day job or self-improvement) when stuck inside for the next few weeks. Would you like to be featured? See the bottom of this post for instructions.

About the Author: Justin K. is a teacher who lives in rural Michigan. These days, when he’s not checking in remotely with the day job (and his students with their 3 weeks of homework), he’s at work raising Hereford-Angus cows. Meanwhile, his S/O works in healthcare administration. So while he’s tending the hearth, he’ll also dabble in woodturning, woodworking, and throwing a stick for his best canine accessory, Calvin. Calvin is very, very good at fetching the stick.

What I Wore to Today Working from Home: Justin, Teacher (& sometimes Beef Man) | Dappered.com

The Overshirt: J. Crew Heavyweight Chamois Work Shirt – $67.99 ($98). This shirt is heavy duty, but shrinks a lot! I’m 6’2″, size 38 waist and got this in XXL. It was huge. But… I washed it hot and dried it on high and now it fits perfectly for cow chores.

The T-shirt: Hanes ComfortSoft® Dyed V-Neck T-Shirt – $9.25. Slight V dip in the neck, not hip, no fishtail hem. Size XL shrank just fine to fit me like the flannel. For less than ten bucks you get a grey and black one.

The Watch: Timex Allied LT Chronograph – $119. A beater chronograph on a nylon NATO strap is always the right choice when you’re working outdoors.

The Pants: Amazon Goodthreads The Perfect Chino in Slim Fit – $30I’m actually wearing some GAP vintage khakis in the photo, but it looks like GAP doesn’t make those in brown anymore? At least for now? Anyway, the Goodthreads will do too, and they all start out for classroom duty anyway. Then, they’ll eventually get demoted to the sugar shack (I run a maple syrup program at my school), wood shop, and around the farm. Coin pocket for added storage.

The Boots: Lacrosse Grange Workboot – $80. This is my second pair of these particular boots. If you need your feet and legs to stay dry, buy them. I work in slop on the farm, wet sticky conditions making maple syrup, and inspect corn fields in the summer, and these get me through it all. They’re surprisingly warm in the winter. Unlike other popular waterproof boots, these are all rubber. So no neoprene which would absorb moisture as well as other stuff (and smells) in a barnyard.

The Boots II: Redwing Work Chukka – $259.99. If conditions were drier, I’d wear these for kicking around. Listen to the reviews; these seemed way too small when I got them, BUT… after a few wears they broke in and stretched out and are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Also known as the Yuma boot because all the dudes in Yuma, AZ wear them. I got mine via employee discount from a buddy that works for Nordstrom. I’m likely one of the few whose Nordy Redwings see actual work.

The Socks: Wigwam Lightweight Outdoor Pub Crew Sock – $14-18. I picked these up on sale at my local hardware store for a song. Some cushy socks make all the difference. These are just warm enough, I’ve had mine for over two years and they’re still going strong.

The Hat: Carhartt Odessa Cap – $16.99. Not a streetwear statement; got mine at my local hardware store.

Want to submit your own WIWTWFM? Send an email to joe@dappered.com with who you are, what you do, and what you’d like to submit. And no, you don’t have to actually be working. There are plenty of jobs on standby right now whose workers can’t do the work from home. I’m not gonna discriminate. That’d be dumb. Now, to be featured, we’ll need a picture of you at home (at work, or not) as well as the details on what you’re wearing. Final image will have to be cropped down to 1500×840 pixels, so, keep that in mind when shooting. Landscape mode please, and let’s keep anything from the chin up out of it. Note that sending an email with your picks and a pic doesn’t guarantee publishing. We gotta have some variety, y’know? That’ll help your chances. Let’s keep it “Dappered.” But be yourself. Pics of pets always help too. Good luck. We’ll be in touch.

Calvin has been named Stick Fetching Employee of the month…
for the 62nd month in a row. Way to go Calvin!