Very Simple Trick for Avoiding Foggy Windshields

What to do in order to prevent steamy windscreens from hindering our driving? It turns out that there are several ways, but one of the most effective, believe it or not… is cat litter

Before you learn this trick, it is worth knowing why windshields fog up at all. This is because there is moisture in the car and the temperature difference between the inside and outside is significant. Wondering where the water is coming from inside the car? You can bring it in on your shoes or soaked clothes. Moisture can also occur because of the air we exhale.

Then, to prevent your windows from fogging up, you need to get rid of moisture from inside your vehicle and keep it from building up again

And that is exactly what you will need cat litter for. Silicone litter will work best for this trick, and you’ll also need a roll of duct tape and a sock. For easier pouring of the litter, roll the sock onto a large roll of tape. Once you have filled the material with litter, remove the roll and tie the sock tightly. To make sure the grit doesn’t spill inside the car, you can wrap the grit in two socks.

The grit is absorbent and odor removing, so it will help you remove moisture from inside your vehicle. Just place the prepared pack on the dashboard or under the seat.


Don’t forget to wash you car regularly to have beer visibility!

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